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What makes each of our kitties so unique too us ?

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We all love our kitties for who they are, unconditionally, but I thought it would be nice if we could share, just what unique traits each individual has, that makes them so special too us. I apologize if this kind of thread has been started before and also mention their age, breed and colour and of course name.

My Whiskey, because I have had him the longest and he is such an old soul, gentle and aged like wine, too perfection. He is a DSH , Black and White, 10 years old.

My C'For, because he chases and fetch's stones, and he is always so talkative too me,specially if I have been away for the day, and he is my second furkitten. Kind , gentle, loving and SO independent, and OMG can this boy PURRRR LOL, and he has the biggest cutest nose and the thickest coat hehe. He is a DSH, Ginger, Cream and White, 6 years old.

My Wookie, because he is a sweetheart. He is so loving and talkative as well, and he lost his sister, a few weeks ago, he is special to me, being he is her brother , as you can understand, and I love his tail ! bushy ! and he is very very gentle with the new kittens He is also my shadow, everywhere I go, I look behind, and there he is ! lol. He is a DMH, Silver/Grey, 8 months old.

My Meisha, because I have never known such an effectionate, truck purring, no fear, kitten like this before. She was dumped by some EVIL ppl, and I was lucky enuff too get her from the SPCA. It still amazes me how she shows so much, her appreciation, for having a home with me. It shows everyday. She clearly wouldn't hurt a flie and she loves to travel via my shoulder lol. She is a DSH, Stripped Black Tabby, 4 months old.

My Shiska, because, she has so many attributes that my (special one that I lost ) had. Fiesty, Zesty, a fighter, let's you know what she wants! and Oh my what a guts lol, she eats anything put in front of her, and I love how she switches so gallantly from that fiesty kitty, too, a loving purring lap kitty all smoochy and close. I also got her from the SPCA She is a DMH, Black and Tan and White Classic Tabby, 3 months old.

My Zylah, because , she is very shy, well was....and I love the fact I have been able too bring her more confidence, day by day, too the point now, she trusts me and loves up too me. Each and everyday, she gets more and more confident, and she is so gentle, never scratches, purrrrssss more and more as the days go by, and she is simply adorable, cute and fluffy. I love the way she will dance around my feet, and dart here and her toy then race back too my feet, and yes she loves to play fetch! She is a Seal ColourPointed Tabby RagDoll, 3 months old.

So please tell me and others what YOU love about your furkitties and cats !
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Awww...what a sweet thread!

Let's see. Harley (3, orange tabby) is curious about everything. If he can get into it, he will. He's calmed down a little with age but he's still our little hellion!

Monster (3, grey tortie, Harley's sister) well, she's our little problem child. She has seizures and needs to be given medicine every night to control them. I also think she has tunnel vision, because in order to pet her, you have to come straight at her. If you try to pet her from behind she freaks and runs. But, when she is in a loving mood she lets you know by standing on her back legs and reaching up and gently patting your leg. And those "please pet me" eyes make me melt! She has her good days and bad days, but the good days are so special!

Little One (2 1/2 tortie) is our independant, anti-social kitty. She likes us, just not the other cats, and definitely not the dogs! She is also now our handicapped kitty. We were letting her out, and she got away from us so now we are battling an infection in her leg. But, even after we have to redress her leg, which I know if painful for her, she still wants lovings afterwards.

Gizmo (1 yr, grey tabby) is our needy child. I don't think he ever got out of the bottle feeding stage. He still thinks I'm his mommy and follows me around constantly. He can get a bit annoying, especially when I'm trying to watch TV and he think he can still lay on my shoulder like he did when he was a kitten, but he is the first to come and wake me up in the morning (also annoying at times!) and the last to leave at night after making sure I'm all tucked in. He's a sweetie.

Corky (1 yr, grey tabby, Gizmo's sister) is taking after Harley, unfortunately. He's taken her under his wing and will "show" her what to get into that will make mommy the maddest! She, for some reason, insists on pooping on the floor instead of the litter boxes. The vet says it's not physical, it's behavior...apparently she doesn't like our new house. But, besides that, she's our little snuggler.

Missy (1 yr, tortie, Gizmo and Corky's sister) is our little lady. She is so polite and dainty about everything she does. She defers to the other cats in almost everything including eating and treats. In order for her to get treats, I have to give them to her in another room or else everyone else steals them. She doesn't demand anything. If she wants pets, she quietly sits in front of you and looks at you like "if you're not to busy, could I please have some pettings?". I guess she's low man on the totem pole. I wish she would grow a back bone but she is a sweetheart just the way she is!

So, that's my crew. I love them all to pieces!!!
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I am glad you think it is neat hehe. wow your furkittie household sounds wonderful ! there are trying times I know with so many kitties hehe, but we love them ! and Thankyou so very much for sharing with me and others !! Your furkitties look and sound absolutely adorable !
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Great thread!! I love C'for - what a great name for a cat!!!!

My girls are:

Stumpy (19 month old brown tabby DSH) - I love her because she's nutso. She's also very resilient, and a sweetheart. We've had her since she got brought to the shelter after a car accident and were fostering her while she recovered from a broken pelvis and broken tail which was amputated, so she holds a special place in my heart because she showed nothing but love during the time she was recovering. And now she's just crazy. Always getting into mischief and too smart for her own good!

Lily (15 month old dilute torbie DSH) - she's my special girl because she's semi-feral and has come SUCH a long way since we've had her. She's still very shy and skittish, but when she wants attention is very demanding, and has the sweetest little meow She's the most loving to the other kitties, always showers them with love and snuggles, as she does with us when she's comfortable.

Smudge (10 month old black DSH) - we've had Smudge since she was a 3 week old runt who we didn't think would survive. She has always loved people, loves to be nearby and is super affectionate. Everyone who meets her falls in love as she loves company and always has to cuddle up to new people She's got a few congenital defects, and is still a little thing, and has squinty eyes, and is uncoordinated but that just adds to her charm. You can't help but adore Smudgey
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Sara what a great family of furkitties you have! Thankyou for sharing ! Thankyou very much for the nice comment about C'For's name hehe, I shall be posting pics soon of all my furkitties in the pic/vid Forum. Bless you for caring for Stumpy ( and what a fantastic name) ! Thankyou again Sara

I better go and feed the clan now and get some sleep back on in 10 hours
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Radar (14 month old black & white DSH/Cornish Rex cross): He is just my 'special' boy, he entertains constantly and does goofy things like squeezing through the cutlery drawer and trapping himself in the cupboard under the sink, leaping up to grab my arm but managing to bash his head on the underside of the desk instead, falling off things and knocking things over, and trying to hunt the ripples in the ceiling plaster when he's on top of the bookcases. No joke. He isn't always in the mood for cuddles, but when the moment takes him he gives affection very enthusiastically. And for some reason he loves to be carried around on his back like a baby with his legs in the air and his purry face against your arm or shoulder. He always looks as if he is grinning, he's a cat who looks and acts as if he is thrilled by every second of his life

Sonic (8 month old blue Oriental Shorthair): It's always cuddle time, he is so affectionate. He sleeps curled up next to me or on me, and often when I wake up in the morning his little cheek is resting on my shoulder or arm with his head tilted sideways and his emerald green eyes looking into my face. He doesn't just headbut, he rubs his teeth and gums on your hand or nose, just to make sure that he really gets his scent on you. And he always shares his feelings with us, fortunately I am now used to the yowls coming from under the bed at 3am He always looks very intense and serious, as if there's some really deep thinking going on.
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8-Bit Wolfgang~ (2 year old gray DSH) Well... I don't really know where to start. 8-Bit is the most unique kitty I've ever come across. He's spunky, funny, protective, and has saved my life. He is my furry soul mate.

Scratch Fury Destroyer of Worlds~ (1.5 year old black DLH) I've always wanted a black kitty. When I saw Scratch climbing the side of his cage at Petsmart to get at food I knew he was the one for me. Scratch makes the best noises, and always helps me make the bed.

Dr. D Claw ~ (4.5 year old Tonk) He's just precious. There's something about this kitty that makes me want to hold him and take care of him forever. He loves to be loved. The funny thing about him is that he always has to be right in the middle of things all the time. So much so we call him, "In medius rex".
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Trout is very unique (to me anyway)The most interesting thing she loves to do is play fetch for hours..she plays just like a dog. It is adorable.

Another characteristic of hers is she has a split personality. She has the MOST cuddly temperment somedays, and is a real momma's girl. Then she can switch in an instant and be biting and hissing at me. It sometimes hurts my feelings, I won't lie...but that is her personality..and she would never actually physically hurt me and I know that

She is the best I get terrified thinking about me outliving her
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Great Thread!!!!

Tigger( 1 year old Turkish Van)
He is a lover, and is VERY intrested in all things that move,lol. He also taught himself to play fetch, and "barks" at ppl when they come to the door.

Prue ( 2 year old Tortie)
She is a lover. Shes lazy, and loves to eat flies,lol. Shes been 2nd momma to the foster kittens, and is loving to all except Sace and Uno,lol. She detests them for god knows why.

Kali ( 1 year old Calico)
She is a very sweet cat! she loves sunbathing, and catnip. Loves to sleep on moms blanket at night,and play with the kittens all day.

Sace ( 6 year old Birman)
What can i say about him? hes a barker, and LOVES to torment the dog,lol. He loves sleeping in an open window, so he can watch people come and go. A bit of a meanie after catnip, but mellows out after a snooze.

Uno ( 5 year old Birman)
Uno is very sweet! he took right to everyone after a few days. he loves to sleep on the bed most the day, then play catch me with the kittens at night. Hes very vocal, loves to "talk" to mom, and leave his hair EVERYWHERE. (mom thinks Sace and Uno need a lion cut!lol)
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Clyde Lee, DSH bicolor white with black, 4 years old
With his big seagreen eyes and little pink nose, Clyde still melts me with just a glance. He was one of five kittens born to a captured feral at the shelter where I volunteer, and they were all wonderful boys -- but over a period of three weeks, I fell completely in love with Clyde. He would let me hold him like a baby for an hour or more at a time at the shelter, rocking him and singing little songs. Now and then, he would stretch up to give me a nosekiss, and then settle back down and drift off again.

I'd never had a cat as an adult, so it was a big step for me -- but Clyde came home with me and my whole life changed. His arrival marks the beginning of a new and much, much happier phase in my life.

Clyde is very composed in his demeanor, observant, self-sufficient... but when I reach out to pet him, he eagerly leans his head back into my hand and closes his eyes in delight. When I'm working on the computer, he hops up and delicately arranges himself in the space between the keyboard and the screen to keep me company -- and he's even learned not to let his legs dangle across the keyboard.

When Clyde wants something, he is relentless, but perfectly courteous. He will follow me all over the house, mewing and giving me meaningful gazes... or if I'm sitting down, he'll stand up tall and put one paw on my leg, one on my shoulder, stretching up for the nosekiss that he knows will get him anything he wants. He's just plain irresistible!

Pearl Noelle, DMH blue and lilac with very faint tabby markings, 3 years old
It was my mother who saw four-month-old Pearl at an adoption event and realized she had to be mine. She was taken by Pearl's fluffy long coat and big round green eyes with golden rings around the edges... and when she first held her, Pearl leaned back to look her in the eye as if to say, "Now who are you, exactly?" Mom told me she just had a feeling about this, and I should trust her -- so I did.

When Pearl came home to join Clydie and me, I have to admit, I was afraid I could never love her as much as I loved Clyde. It seemed impossible. But she was just so good -- even living in a walk-in closet for the first few nights, during the introduction process, she was always patient and gentle. And she cracked me up, too -- in the middle of the night, Clyde and I would be awakened by the sound of litter being flung madly all over the closet! Pearl was a flinger from the start, and she still is.

Pearl turned out to be such a character! When she wants my attention, she will simply hop onto my lap, stand with her front paws on my chest, look me in the eye, and give an inquisitive little mew with her head tilted to one side. Adorable! When she walks away, you can see that she's knock-kneed in the back, with fluffy little breeches and delicate little tippytoes... she's very girly. She taught me to play fetch with little foam balls. She's climbed everything in the house -- even stood on the bed and flung herself six feet across and about four feet up to latch onto the drapes with her claws! Repeatedly!

In the dead of night, I'll be awakened by her frantic "Mew! Mew! Mew!" approaching down the hall, and I know she's bringing me the pink string again, wanting me to dangle it for her. I often wake up in a little nest of strings and balls she's assembled during the night.

But the sweetest thing of all... at night, Pearl will climb onto my chest, make a few biscuits, and then settle down comfy and tilt her head sideways -- which I now understand as a request for cheek scritching. So I ruffle her fluffy little face awhile, and then she feels a need to reciprocate, so I get my chin and neck washed for me. And then she settles down to sleep there on my chest with my arm around her, and it's the most peaceful feeling in the world.

Ah, thank you for starting this thread, ShakaDaka! It's so nice to have an excuse to rattle on about my little ones.
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Awwww great storys ..........

I will not lie, I am a super crazy cat lady ......... I have completely changed my life for my kitty cats

I had Babygirl FOREVER she was an inside/outside cat. She disappeared one day and never came back. I was devastated

Very very soon after that I found Easy meowing outside, pregnant ....... she moved in and kept her and her baby's.

I have strictly kept them inside and make sure they have a good life with many things to climb on to be true to their nature.

I gave up vacationing and a social life, so I can make sure that they are always safe and secure and at peace. I am crazy and I am happy about it, too!
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Everything about my boys is special to me.

Pekoe (11 months, orange DSH tabby) is my snuggler. I've always wanted a big, orange cat who's affectionate, and boy, did I get what I wanted with him! Everyone who sees him comments on how he looks like he's going to be a big cat when he's done growing, and he certainly is putting on a bit of a tummy. He wakes me up every morning at about 4:00 to have some snuggles (okay, not so cute when it's happening) and has been known to lay beside me for hours, stretched flat out on his back so I can give him tummy rubs. He's also vaguely psychotic, and will have flashes of complete insanity where he'll jump at practically invisible bumps on the wall and gallop around my apartment.

Nigel (11 months, black & white DSH) is my little sweetheart. He's a bit timid, and it takes him awhile to work up his courage in new situations. But when he decides it's time for attention, nothing is going to stop him from wrapping himself around you and purring his tiny heart out. I like to call Nigel my "Little Professor" because he always looks like he's working on some really intelligent, important life theories. He's just as psychotic as Pekoe, and often will make his fake-angry meow and throw himself at Pekoe for a good play fight. He loves his toys, and from the first day I got him picked out his favourite one, which he'll drag around with him, and often leave in my bed for "safekeeping" overnight.

I love both my boys to bits. I can't imagine not having them around.
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See how crazy I am I didnt even list what makes my kittys so unique

All 5 are so special to me for so many different reasons ...... one thing that is speical is that I can call them by name and whoever I call will come running ....... and they give me kisses when I ask.
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Wow thanks for enjoying the Thread ! I am glad you all do. It is nice to be able to talk about our furkitties isn't it ? hehe and too also share with other furkittie lovers, those special things about our kitties that we grow too love so much. You all have such wonderful kitties, they all sound so cute and intelligent, and they all look GORGEOUS, they are clearly loved by you all ! Thankyou again !
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Calamity (around 2-3 black and white) I love her because shes such a little crab. She is grumpy alot but even when shes really PO she cant resist a nice head scratch and ear rub. Shell sit there growling and hissing but rubbing all over me. She does the same thing to her kittens. I think its adorable. Most people just dont understand shes just complaining shes not really going to hurt you. Plus she likes to snuggle and she is just so cute!

Skye I love because she is just so sweet, calm, loving and just the best cat ever. I love how she tries to walk into my lap backwards if Im not paying attention to her and she thinks shes not supposed to be on my lap. I love how she just sits there and watches me with a gentle look on her face then meows and runs over to give me head butts. I love how much she loves her kittens. Watching her interact with them and "talk" to them is just the sweetest thing Ive ever seen. Shes so gentle and nothing fazes her. She doesnt care if Calamity is being a diva kitty she will just go about her business as Calamity is fussing and spitting at everything. She is just the best cat.
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Miagi is a dsh tabby around 4 years old.

what makes him so unique is his name, everyone says he has such a cool name and I think it fits his personality so well. He's such a silly boy. He will run around in the house for hours just being a goofball! he will climb the pole that holds our house together inside every morning like Tarzan. He will go to the highest places imaginable. He will always go on the couch or recliner or even my bed to act like he wants his belly rubbed and then he will get you and bite you. he's such a brat but I love him nonetheless. he will always bump my foot with his whole body when he wants something while I am on the computer. he will eat lunch meat and chips he prefers doritos. he isn't big on people food other than that, though. him and our hound Buster are the best of friends, too. he makes me laugh everyday.

Tiger is a dmh tabby/bengal mix around 5-6 years old.

What makes him so unique is his coloring/markings and his eyes are really bright green at night almost turquoise. He is my cuddle bug, he thinks he has to rub his mouth on every nook and cranny on me every day. when I say lets go and pat my legs he will follow me everywhere or if I snap my fingers he will follow. he is cat nip crazy and will roll around it for hours if you let him. he is also such a brat but I love him nonetheless.

he loves Rocky our almost 11 year old black lab mix and will rub up against him and chase him around the house. He will do that to my mom's 8 year old corgi mix, too but she doesn't like it much. I don't even think she likes herself. if he was a dog, he'd be a hound because he is always mooching off of me and my mom and I always have to share what I eat with him well nothing sugary though or chocolate. he loves vanilla ice cream.
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Such wonderful stories

Chynna (15 year old white, green-eyed DSH)
She is a total love bug! She loves to be held and cuddled and to have the slope of her nose and her cheeks and her lower lip rubbed. She loves to give nose kisses to absolutely anyone who will get near enough to her to allow her to kiss them. And she is a total social butterfly. She absolutely loves people and has to come out and greet everyone who comes here. She also loves the vacuum cleaner and will flop down in front of it in an attempt to get vacuumed! When I pull out the vacuum to do my furniture, it results in about a 15 minute session of me vacuuming her with the upholstery brush. She has the sweetest way of laying with her front paws crossed like a little lady, and when she wants me to pick her up or pay attention to her she taps my leg or my stomach until I bend down to pick her up. She loves to get her nails cut because she gets a paw and toe massage at the same time which she absolutely loves.

Abby (9 year old, green-eyed orange and white Tabby)
Someone here said that she has a "mackeral pattern".
She is a cuddle bug but only on her terms. She is so finicky when it comes to food. She will give the odd human food a lick or two, but she won't eat any of it. And she is very shape oriented when it comes to her food and it has to be just the right size and round in shape. So the only food she will eat is w/d feline dry. Abby hates to get her paws dirty so she tries to balance herself on the edge of the litter pan with all 4 legs but ends up having to stand tippy toe with one leg in the box. She won't bury her business. When she's done she leaps out and runs off to clean her paw! She is also dyslexic and sometimes forgets to turn around when in the box so she ends up going outside the pan by accident. She absolutely loves to be brushed! She is easy to con because all you have to do is pull out the brush. She doesn't care to get her nails cut and I have to do them a few at a time when she is sleeping.

Both are so sweet and loving in their own ways and I can't imagine not having either one of them.
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I enjoy so much coming back to this thread and reading all about your furkittens ! Thanks guys for sharing, and keep them coming
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Quill [2.5 y/o]

This little guy is the love of my life. There isn't a day that goes by without him making me laugh and smile. He has the most beautiful, soulful eyes, a daintiness about him like a dancer. He is gentle, kind, sensitive and shy and usually very polite. He will never stray far from me and he loves laying on the upstairs porch for hours just enjoying the sun and the flowers. He comes to bed with me and wakes me up in the morning. He is so beautiful.
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Spot is very creative and mischevious. Shortly after I adopted her, she taught herself to open cupboard doors (she put her front paws on the top of the door and walked her hind legs backward). She also went through a phase where she would unroll toilet paper rolls...that got annoying, quick. She enjoys playing fetch and acting like a goofball (somersaults and bunny kicks are one of her best attack mechanisms). She'll cuddle with anyone sitting down.

Isadora is rather stuck up (she's the Alpha cat of the house). She generally doesn't play with toys, though occasionally we'll catch her. If you throw a toy at her she'll look at you like "you expect me to play with that?". She enjoys a good cuddle, but only with my husband.
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