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Good morning

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I hope your day is going well. My spoiled brat is now sleeping in my bed I just turned it down so that once I get through relaxing I can get some sleep since I worked last night. And she is laying right in the middle and sleeping. She lost her collar last night while I was at work and the dogs slobbered all over it so now it has to dry. And she has decided that she enjoys getting on my dresser and then jumping off of it onto my bed i am just waiting for her to do that when meowmy is sleeping and giving me a heartattack.

I had a pretty good night at work last night and next week I get a three day weekend which I can't hardly wait for. They are coming along on the house. I just can't wait to get into it I just hope that Tavia settles in to it quickle. I might try and get her one of those big cat trees once we get settled in. I know dad thinks it would be a good idea to put her one in the basement. Well I hope you all have a lovely day. Cause I really need to head to bed.

Love and Hugs Gail and love and headbutts from Tavia
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Good morning. I hope everyone has a wonderful day today
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Good Morning Gail!!

I am off to the gym this morning...then to the movies with a friend
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Good morning everyone!

Have fun at the movies Natalie! Try and stay cool this weekend...it's going to be a hot one!

DH and I had big plans for an outdoor adventure today but the rash we thought was a spider bite yesterday appears to be posion ivy today so he's at the clinic

I hope everyone has a great Saturday
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I hope everyone enjoys there Saturday
I dont have any plans today and prefer it that way
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What a nice idea -- a good morning thread!

I started my morning by going out to the side yard and working some more on repairing erosion damage from the torrential rains of the past couple of months. This entailed shoveling five inches of mud up off fifteen feet of sidewalk, then using the shovel to grade the edge of the muddy yard itself. Then I pounded in some wooden stakes and some heavy plastic edging that may or may not keep the rest of the yard from washing down onto the sidewalk. You would think, after two months of rain, that getting the stakes and edging down into the mud would be easy! But nooooooo... I whacked and whacked and whacked and eventually obliterated one of the stakes.

And then I just didn't have any more work in me, so I came inside to shower, leaving the piled-up mud to deal with this evening or in the morning. But while I was in the shower, my mother -- my 82-year-old osteoporific mother, who weighs 100 pounds soaking wet -- went out there and loaded all that mud into a wheelbarrow!

She scares me silly. I don't know how to get her to accept that she's not invincible and MUST NOT do these things! AUGH!
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Well its hasn't got as hot as the weatherman predicted (yet) but we have a nice wind which helps.

Was up nice and early to get a couple loads of laundry on the line, picked raspberries and tilled and hand weeded most of the veg garden.

All this before 9 am too. Then one of my friends came over, picked some cherries and went to my neighbors as she is looking for some cats for her barns and sheds (another post in SOS).

Did some painting in the garage and clean up too. So now taking a break for a while!!

It seems like most of the US is suffering from this heat wave but T-storms predicted tomorrow afternoon already!
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