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Tuesday DT

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Hi everyone,

Well, we made it through the funeral. I would like to send a heartfelt "Thank you" to all who sent their sympathy and comfort. I read everyone's words and it meant alot to me.

Hubby is doing well. He knows that his father is now resting in peace and no longer in pain. We have now entered the adjusting period and I think it will take a little while for things to settle. He was very close to his dad. They even had a business together so it'll be a lot of changes in the next little while.

On that note: on the day of the funeral, I received a phone call, my grandmother has been admitted to the hospital. She is on life support and they don't think she will make it through the week. Problem is that she is so far away (8 hour drive) and I can't go see her, come back and ask for more days off to go back again. My aunt went up to see her and has told me that it is better I don't go. I think, deep down, it may be. I am still getting over seeing my mom on life support and I doubt I can handle this...

I don't know, it seems everything happens at once. I just know this the holiday season is not the same. I am really trying to make sure I do as much as possible, for the boys sake but I don't really know which way to throw myself.

I have to apologize in advance, I have many names and addresses ready for my Christmas card mail out but I fear I won't make it in time.

I do hope you all know that I am thinking about each of you this holiday season. I've just run out of hours in the day to accomplish anything. I have yet to prepare the Christmas cards for the boys to give their schoolmates and I think this is so important for them. Tonight, we are planning to do this.

Hopefully the New Year will be a little brighter and I'll be able to stop in more. But until then, I'm keeping you all in my thoughts. I haven't been able to read any posts lately so I don't know if there is anything going on.

Take care everyone and talk to you all soon!

Best Wishes for the Holiday Season.

P.S. Daniela.....I am soooooo relieved I sent my Secret Santa out a long time ago!
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Hi Ghys!!

Once again, my sympathies to you and your family in this time. And I am so sorry to hear your grandmother is ill as well. What a terrible twist of fate for you during such a festive season.

I am so straight out w/ Christmas that I haven't been posting too often around here. I'm finally done shopping, but haven't even begun to wrap. I'm going to start tonight I hope. I still have to bake too, and get my son's stuff for his teachers together. Bah humbug.:tounge2:

Hope you are all enjoying this holiday season. In a couple of weeks it will be over, and normal life will resume!!
Have a great day everyone!
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Ghys, you're realy getting dumped on, this year. Hope the new year is better for you. Just remember to take care of yourself, too.

I'm finished with all of Christmas stuff. We have to pick up our dinner on the 24th. I'm playing phone tag, with Mark and my parents, to set a time for them to come over. Mark has a machine but my parents won't get one.

I found some cute candy dishes, with lids, at the Big Lots store. This should keep Rowdy out of the candy: three kinds of M&Ms, Hershey's Miniatures and Reese's Miniatures. Oh, and WHOPPERS!
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Thanks guys, I really appreciate the support.

Oh, Cindy....you just put a smile on my face. I LOVE Whoppers. I think I am going to scoot on over to the corner store for some.

To a better a brighter New Year!
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Ghys - chocolate cures EVERYTHING!
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Did someone just say WHOPPERS ? Oh, yum! I have to get some! Ghyslaine, God bless you. You have so much on your emotional plate now. You're right. Tragedy seems to hit us over and over once it starts, and you wonder where you will get the strength to handle it. Bless your grandmother. It must be so hard not to see her, but I think you're right. You might not be up to it right now. Remember that you are cared about, in heaven and earth, and by all of your friends on TCS. I hope the loving spirit of Christmas and the joy of the children help you with your grief.
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Ghys, I'm so sorry to hear about your Grandmother. What a hard time for you and your family. ((((HUGS)))) Although my mother wasn't on life support, when I saw her the day before she passed on, all I could think was "that is not my mother in that hospital bed." That's not the way I wanted to remember her. It is so hard to see someone you love in that condition.

Christmas....is that coming up? I haven't done much of anything for that. We just got the tree decorated this last weekend, and there really isn't money for presents. I guess I am about done with everything from that standpoint.

We had fun at Earl's Christmas Party last night. Didn't get home until 1:00 in the morning, so I am really tired! In the gift exchange thing, we ended up with a hybiscus bulb/planter. Unfortunately, I looked it up last night when we got home and hybiscus is toxic to kitties, so I'm probably going to re-gift it. Funny thing is the girl who brought it is also a big cat lover, and she thought it was fine for kitties.
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I'm sorry to hear about your loss and of your Grandmothers illness. It's funny to think that around the holidays your supposed to be thinking about Peace and Joy. Except, that it's the time of year when those two things are never possible because of all the things you must get ready and do! Please take a moment for yourself today. Brew a cup of tea, sit down, and enjoy a moment to yourself. With all you've been through you deserve it!

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Ghys - I am so sorry you are having such a rough time! Just think of them being another angel to watch over your family

Most of my Christmas shopping is done! Yeah! Now I just have to manage the wrapping without packaging up Merlin.

I had a General Compentancy Test this morning for a job that may be closer to home (still with the gov't). These government tests are stupid - they have nothing to do with real life! Eg, if there are 3 data entry clerks and clerk 1 types 50 wpm and clerk 2 60 wpm and clerk 3 45 words per minute, how long would it take them to type 78650 words? Who cares?

Ok enough venting - I hope everyone has a good day!
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You and yours are in my prayers!
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Ghys - I am so sorry to hear about your loss and your grandmothers illness, my thoughts are with you and your family.

My day was uneventful but tiring - although we did have a nice christamas lunch with my work section.

As for xmas shopping, This is the 1st year I have been organised so everything has been brought and is all wrapped. I am finally living up to my virgo expectations of being neat and organised

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Geez, now my bad day doesn't seen so awful. I'm so sorry for your loss and you'll be in my thoughts.

well I got the end of the stick and have to not only work 6 days( I was silly and worked for a guy so he could go to an ultrasound with his gf who also works with me) but someone called in and now instead of working a few hours, I have to work 12-2 and 4:30-11. the sad thing is everyone is complaining that they don't get any hours(or have low hours) but when things like this come up, they dont' want to work and the thing they say is" well if it was ANY other night but tonight I would". I am so tired of hearing them witch and moan about how are they going to pay for xmas and this and that well, if you'd work when I call you then you wouldnt' have this problem now would you?
I swear there isn't a braincell among the lot of them! I need a different job.
S/O says that there is a factory I could apply at and that he'd like for me to get out of where I am now and try this, but I am worried about it. what do you guys think???
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Barb - you have to do what your gut tells you to do. If this is stressing you out to the point it is affecting your health then maybe it is time for a change!

Well - I am working overtime tonight. At least it should be fairly slow! only 2.25 hrs to go until home time! At least I have some fruit if I get the urge to munch!
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You're in my thoughts, heart and prayers. I'm so sorry everything seems to be happening at once - and now, of all times.

Barb - hang in there. You'll look for new opportunities when you get pushed far enough.

Marie - congrats on being so organized!

Ady - hope things went well on the annoying test!

Heidi - does this mean more pics? Even if you wore the same dress - maybe with you two together? It's the festivities that count too!

Well - Tuesday's almost over. Haven't been on TCS much the past few days. You'll find out why - maybe tomorrow!

Hope everyone has sweet dreams.

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Daniela - LOL! ...and I like wrapping the best. If I lived near you, I'd volunteer to be your wrapping elf this year!

...and Cindy - you always seem to be ahead of the pack!

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