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This is my new cat??

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I found him/her On my porch step a couple days ago i was just wondering what type of breed it would be
and approximetly how old if you know
More importantly the bread!
thank you so much for the help
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Welcome .////

Please take the little tyke to a vet ... It is young...

Breed likely DMH or domestic medium hair
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In that pic, he/she looks unwell to me. I have no idea if you know, but if that is cow milk in the pic-it is bad for kitty, gives most cats diarreha. You may already know that, and that could very well be cat milk, but I just wanted to let you know for you and kitty's sake.

If she just arrived on your doorstep, then more than likely, she/he is a mutt cat, but please, please do not let that turn you away, they are just as good-if not better (better IMO) than pure breds. If you are a new cat owner you will learn alot by reading older posts about cat care on here-believe me!

Welcome to TCS =)
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From the photo looks like a persian mix to me. Pet quality of course He's pretty. Age??? hard to tell from one photo but the face doesn't look kitten (or if a kitten, an older one). Got a better shot?
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Red Tabby domestic longhair.
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Thank you for replying

The cat has 6 that normal
And it looks like a domestic lynx to me. His teeth are pretty sharp and he has pointy ears
But im not so sure ill take more pics soon
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I think you mean Domestic tabby If he were lynx pointed he would only have the stripes on his face, paws and tail, not over his body and he would have a lighter body with darker points. Stripes all over the body is called a tabby. Yours is definately a Domestic long/medium haired Tabby
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Does the date on that pic say 2005?
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Thank you so much it definetly looks like that

Yeah i always forget to date my camera
everytime i change the batteries it goes back to the 1st of january 2005.. lol
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Have fun with your new baby!

Please stick around!
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