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Lookie! :)

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Here are my kitties!





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awwwwwwwww they are all so beautiful!!!
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Awww they are GORGEOUS
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They are ABSOLUTLY BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I'm going out tomorrow to adopt 2 cats (or kittens) and I hope I will find 2 like your kittys
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Aww, they are all so pretty! Ivy and Buddy have such pretty eyes! I'm sure Isabelle's and Chester's are, too, but the first two are pretty wide-eyed!

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The kitties are beautiful I think I have Ivy's twin except for my Zinger has a black mark on her nose, shes the one in the Siggy
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They are all just soo GORGEOUS And all of their eyes just tooo gorgeous
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They are adorable!!
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Awwww...Buddy looks so much like my Gizmo! They are all adorable. A fine looking crew you have.
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Awww they are so adorable. You just need to get one of the Mods to move this to the Fur Pictures and Videos forum.
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What sweet kitties! Your Ivy looks so much like my Spike.
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What a gorgeous bunch
I buddys eyes
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Wow. They're absolutely beautiful kitties, and their mom is one heck of a good photographer, too! Thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous shots!
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Thank you all sooo much! Hehehe!
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what a stunning fur-family you have

give them all some tummy tickles from us
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