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Hopefully by the end of the weekend

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I will be a bunny mom... mom sorta okayed them

I talk with the lady who has them tomarrow...

NOW Give me all the advice the book didnt tell me

I want to know should I get two or one ??

Holland lops are what they are
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It's been many many years since I've had rabbits.

Maybe one at first? Dealing with one will be a lot easier on you then starting with two right away. And you may have a vet visit to figure into costs.

Good luck with you rabbit(s), and post some pics if you can.
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Blast! There's two at the HS here....likely to multiply soon as the aren't the same sex & had been caged together when dumped at the shelter.

I think two is a good idea, but you also must be aware that they are very "high maintenance" & it really is twice the work....at least that's what I've been told!

Oh yeah, & some bite. Hold them like a football! (OK, I am afraid of rabbits)
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The good news is they have been vet checked ... they were show babies( I will have the right to show them but ).... they are 7-8 months and the lady breed them... the girls I have a choice of all place in the top ten out of 40 bunnies when they were just 2 months old...I guess they bet out "mature" bunnies... Bad news they are fixed ... and I dont think my vet will do it ... but I have the name of the breeder vet and it is reasonabley close( 15 miles)
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I personally feel most rabbits do much better in pairs…and IMO having two actually seems much easier than one because it helps fulfill their social needs and helps prevent boredom. (Just means a little extra cleaning on my part) I honestly regret waiting a year before getting my dwarf mix another companion after my NZW died- she is so much happier with another rabbit around, less destructive and MUCH more out going. She enjoyed the time I spent with her..but it just wasn’t the same as having another rabbit around to cuddle, groom and comfort her.

The best advice I would have is find a good rabbit forum and knowledgeable rabbit vet. A lot of information I have seen in the past is incredibly outdated and more for the convenience of the owner than the benefit of the rabbit. Let me know if you want a link a very good rabbit group- the members can be a bit blunt- but there are many extremely knowledgeable and experienced owners and rescuers there.
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Okay no bunnies yet...Mom want s to meet them which means finding a time to do that...

Bunnies do stuff right... MOM thinks they lay in a cage all the time//
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Argh! I just lost my whole post to you! Anyways..
Congrats on you're new bunnies! Here is a good forum, http://www.rabbitsonline.net and a good site, http://www.rabbit.org, just for a start.
Generally rabbits do best in pairs. Male/female pairs are easiest to bond and get along best. Even if you get same sex litter mates, they may start to fight once puberty hits and would have to be separated. Not always, but in most cases.
It's extremely important that you have your rabbits speutered. Females have up to an 85% chance of developing uterine/ovarian cancer by the the time they're five years old. Both males and females could have behavioural problems if not fixed, cage aggression and spraying, for example. Be sure to use a vet recommended by the forum or site above. Rabbits are delicate and much different than cats or dogs, it's important to have a savvy vet.
Yes "bunnies do stuff" lol. It's not a good idea to have any animal "just lay in a cage all the time." Rabbits need at least a few hours out of cage time a day. They need the exercise and social interaction with you. My rabbit is pretty much free range, you may want to wait until yours is litter trained before you give it/them too much freedom.
What kind of cage do you have set up for them? I'd recommend an NIC cage, got to http://www.cavycages.com for instructions and there are lots of examples on the forum I mentioned above.
Please do not feed them those mixes you buy at walmart and the like, it's basically junk. Oxbow and Kaytee Timothy Complete are two good foods that I see recommended most. If you're getting babies, they'll need to be fed alfalfa based pellets until they're about 6 months old. http://www.carrotcafe.com is a good site all about feeding your bunny.
I think I got kinda carried away there, lol. I'll shut up now, but if you have anymore questions I'll try to help you!
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I will HAVE the girl or girls SPayed ......

they eat pfauf s food... for pellets... and veggies for treats ..

the ones I think I will bring home are about 6 months old...

another set is a mom and daughter 12 and 4 months I think??

Toy ideas ???

From what I understand from my reading they would be "teenagers"??

How to litter box train??
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