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feeding pills to my cat

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I need advice on how to feed a pill to my cat. I tried sticking the pill in the cat food and he seem to find the pill and leave the pill behind. What would be the best technique to feed my cat his pill.

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This link has a lot of great advice for pilling a cat.

Also....if this is a life-long medication, a pharmacist can put the medication into a gell that you rub onto the cat's ear and there are places that make medication in cat friendly flavors like tuna and salmon!
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I found that I can get my cat, Silas, will take pills when I squish them in Whiskas moist treats. It sometimes takes a few try's but eventually he will eat it and not notice. I think its because he is so excited to get a treat, he doesn't even notice!!
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If you wrap it in a small slice of cheese it helps.
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I give my cat a high blood pressure pill every day. Since she has CRF I do it the mean way & lay her on her back & open her mouth & drop it in. On rare occasion she will spit it out, but I find if you get it back there far enough they have a great swallow mechanism & they can't help but swallow it. (mind you she is 16 years old & only weighs 5 lbs so she's not much to hold down). Now when I'm out of town & have to have someone else give them to her I find that putting it in a small piece of cheese works wonders. If you cat still seems to find it one tip I got that seems to really work is to give a couple of pieces with out the pill first & then the one with the pill & then another piece with out.
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Hi there ,

I've raised too many cats to count and have "pilled" MANY !
I'll keep this brief , ok ?

If this is a cat that that you've raised then he/she must trust you , right ?

Just get the kittie in a comfortable position ( preferably if your right handed , have the kittie facing right ) and open it's lil mouth , place the pill in it's mouth WAY in the back , shut it's mouth and rub it's throat . He/ She will swallow , No problemo

Hope I helped ,

Rebecca P.
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