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Prayers for a pup

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A friend has a beautiful 10 month old puppy who is fighting for his life right now. He is an Old English Sheepdog - all fluffy and furry and mischievious.
Several months ago he developed a couple of pus pockets on his skin. It was diagnosed as Staph and it has been hanging around every since. He has been on meds after meds, holding it at bay, but not curing it.
The vet started him on a new med a few days ago - they are running out of options as it is very resistant to antibiotics. Today he began running a high fever and became lethargic. They have him packed in ice to bring the temp down and working hard to save him. He has a team of vets working on him.
Send some prayers his way, if you could.

And please be aware that MRSA has moved into our pets. It is a serious problem for people and now for pets. Please get your pet seen early and treated aggressively if you see ugly looking scrapes. Hours can make a difference in how th treatment goes.
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Oh Bless his heart, many prayers for this sweet boy
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Sending may prayers for that sweet puppy.
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Many healing prayers being sent his way. Staph can be nasty!
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Sending good thoughts and prayers
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He's doing much better this morning, though not his perky self. That's the great thing about kids and pets, they don't know how to be sick.

Temp is down to the 101-102 range and he is eating a bit. He will continue to get the IV antibiotics and fluids this weekend and possibly longer.

This is very scary stuff and I just want everyone to be on the watch for it in their loved ones - whether skin or fur.

tank you and please keep up the prayers.
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Many healing vibes and prayers are on the way for this puppy. I'm glad he's doing better this morning and I hope he continues to improve.
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oh how sad he sounds such a special fella

I am sending lots of positive healthy (((((( vibes ))))) for the sweet boy - do keep us posted !
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Oh, poor puppy. Many more healing <<vibes>> for him.
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I had mrsa last year.... I nearly had to have a toe amputated. I took round after round of antibiotics until they discovered it was penacillin resistant. Finally, they put me on a very powerful IV called vancomycin that I took round the clock for two weeks at home and that cleared it up. I was also allergic to it and had to take steroids and antihistimines round the clock. When I quit the antibiotics, I had such a scare I had to call 911... I swelled up all over and thought I was going to die. This was last summer.

I still have my toe.

I will pray for the pup....... MRSA is some nasty stuff.. I got it from a tick bite on my big toe. I still have a hole where the wound was.

My question is.......... can the pup take vancomycin ??? Tell her to ask the vet.. It is what cured mine.
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Thank you all for the thoughts and prayers.

Tuck is getting two different antibiotics right now. There is only one other one left to try. The cultures have shown it to be resistant to everything else. But I am so glad that he is going to a group of vets that are doing everything they can (and should) do for him.

His mom can't reach them at the hospital, but we figure if it was bad news, they would have called her. And I imagine they have sedated Tuck to let him rest.

I'll update as soon as I hear more.
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Sending thoughts and prayers to the little guy.
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The news early this morning was good, but he began to run a temp again at 11:30. This is such a cruel disease as we just automatically expect antibiotics to work. Spoiled aren't we?
His mom is going to see him, possibily to make that tough decision. I am so upset right now. He's just a baby.

And another friend have a tire blow on her van - while she was pulling a trailer on a major highway. She managed to get the van slowed down , but as soon as she tried the brakes, they flipped. She had her husband, son, son's friend and two dogs in the van. The son's friend reinjured his knee, but should be okay. One of the dogs had surgery to repair cuts from the windshield and may have injured her back. She is a rescue and had a horrible life before - doesn't deserve this.

And my son's cat is borderline diabetic. He rescued her last year from a parking lot - some idiot abandoned a declawed cat! she is the sweetest thing. So we are doing our research to see what we can do to halt the progression. <sigh> I love that cat.

Sorry to whine, I just needed to vent. I love these furkids just like my own skinkids.
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vancomycin is specifically for penacillian resistant mrsa........
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Fingers and paws crossed that this boy gets better.
It is a long shot, but if you feel you have nothing to lose, you might take a shot at colloidal silver.
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Thank you all for the wonderful thoughts and prayers for Tuck.
He passed away this morning, unable to beat the MRSA. He put up a long and hard fight.

For those of us who loved him, it is a difficult time. Please give your loved ones a hug, a kiss, an extra treat. We never know how long we have.
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