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Clay cat litter

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Okay, I've never given my cat litter brand a second thought. I have always used Scoopable, either Scoop Away or Arm & Hammer. I've recently stopped using the scented kinds because my husband and I can't stand the sickening sweet dust it kicks up when I clean the box before we go to bed. The thing is, I've recently noticed my cat cleaning herself (you know... licking the feet then rubbing on face) and then she goes into the box and does her business, then comes out and a little bit of litter is still on her feet, which she proceeds to clean off and, I'm assuming, ingest.

Now I'm wondering how much this is really happening and what kind of damage it can cause. I've seen some ads on here for Feline Pine and was wondering if that was any good. I simply must have the scoopable kind, and I notice they do have one. Has anyone had good luck with this litter? Money is no object when it comes to my cat.
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Feline pine is the reverse of scoopable litter. It is essentially little pellets that dissolve when wet (from urine, obviously) and turn into a sawdust-like substance.

There is a strange organic smell to it.

I had great luck with one cat with it but not so much the second cat (in early stages of CRF and excessive urination). There always seems to be a probably with a trail of saw dust traipsed as well.

It is great for clean up though. As a cat litter, I have reallly liked it - and to put it in perspective, I despise scoopable litter.
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Thanks for the reply. I'm still researching and contemplating what to do next. It's hard to switch from something that has been working so well for so many years, but it's the smell we can't stand (plus my recent witnessing of Mitties licking it off her feet) that makes me want to switch. I appreciate any input!
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I won't use clay litter any more since I heard about the dust getting into their lungs (or ingested) which in turn drew moisture from their bodies and caused lumps of clay to form. This in turn required surgery (for the stomach) and don't quote me, but I believe death in the lungs. My memory isn't so great with this menopause thing so I forget details, but you get the gist. I especially wouldn't use it for a small kitten.

When Bijou was a baby, he was sneezing a lot when he used the clay litter. I switched to World's Best Cat Litter which is made from corn (after trying Swheat Scoop which I found too dusty). It clumps nicely, doesn't have an odour that's repugnant and if the kitties eat it, it doesn't hurt them. I scoop at least once daily (sometimes more on weekends), add a couple cups of fresh every few days and clean the box out completely only once every 6-8 weeks. We have a small house and there is no odour (I've asked trusted friends and they assure me there is no odour). A bag of the multiple cats formula lasts me well over a month with 2 kitties and 2 boxes.
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I do use unscented scoopable clay litter and have found with experimentation, that Oliver won't go in anything else! My mom (before we visited once) picked up a bag of natural wood-product litter that was scoopable (time out: searching web to try and find the actual brand!) FOUND IT! It's called Nature's Miracle (http://www.petco.com/product/12016/N...at-Litter.aspx) and can be found at petco.... I recall it only having a slight wood smell to it, nothing overwhelming for sure and I know it clumped really well (When Oliver wouldn't use the box with just this litter, I threw in a little of the clay he was used to, but there were pee spots that ended up just in the nature's miracle and it was easily scoopable) it's a bit pricey at $13 for 10 pounds, but you said that's not an issue... as long as your cat accepts it (poor Oliver held his business the entire first day, til I noticed at bedtime he hadn't gone! Figured he didn't like it and threw in the clay and he went immediately) it sounds like a great option for you! Hope that helps!
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pine rulez! no odour whatsoever, i'm happy (and Givi doesnt eat it )
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