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I may be creating a monster

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Seamus was sick and I took him to the vet on Tuesday. He was prescribed Drontal, Amoxi, and Reglan. For a day, I tried the old-fashioned way of pinning him down and shooting the meds into his mouth, to no avail, and the vet suggested I put the meds in a little food and just give him little amounts at a time so he is hungry. It's working, but with a catch. The first dose of Reglan I did that way, he must have smelled the stuff, and he wasn't convinced it was ok to eat until I put it on my fingers and he ate. Today he was given another med for the Giardia they found in his stool sample. Well, now that I have the routine down of times and medicines, I am noticing that, although he doesn't need me to hand-feed him and that he knows he needs to eat it, he waits for me to encourage him at least and at worst will sit there and look at me then the food until I hand-feed him.

He was so fussy with the meds I felt initially I had no other choice, and I knew he would get into a bad habit, but he needs his medicine. Now I have to start breaking the habit because come next week when the meds are done, I do not want to be whipped into hand-feeding him because he's not eating and he bats the eyes and waits for me to sit with him as he eats.

Any advice? Please don't knock me for doing things this way, if you saw how I was chasing him around and fighting with him for two days getting no meds in him as he clearly still wasn't feeling well, you'd understand my resignation to hand-feeding.
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I don't think you will have a problem. Seamus will not go into a hunger strike just because you are no longer hand feeding him or sitting beside him while he eats. Just go about your business and soon he will too.
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What a spoiled kitty! Our cats sure know how to play us.
When the meds are all gone could you try giving him a small play session or hold him for a few minutes before you feed him? This way he's already had your complete and undivided attention, so maybe when you go to feed him he won't feel the need to keep you there to give him more.
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I really wouldn't worry about it. It is more important for him to take the meds first, when they are done, he is going to eat when hungry! Believe me, he will eat, food is a reward of its own, especially with out meds in it!
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If he's not feeling his best he's probably enjoying the extra attention from mommy. As long as he's getting his meds, that is the important thing. And, I agree...if you stop after the meds are done he isn't going to go on a hunger strike. I wish I had it that easy with Monster! She has to take phenobarbital every night to prevent seziures, and it is usually a battle of wills, with a lot of scratches sometimes. And, she won't eat anything but her dry food. Not wet, not treats, no fresh chicken, turkey...even cheese. Nothing to hide the medicine in. And, her dry food is Cat Chow! God help us if they ever go out of business...she will starve! But, she really isn't right in the head, so Cat Chow it is.
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