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Keep from hiding under the bed?

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Hello! I have a cat that needs to be tested for diabetes a couple of times a day but I have run into a bit of a problem. She loves to sleep under the bed, for like 10 hours. This is a bed that it is impossible to get her out of, unless you tip it over, which I don't like to do because it's so traumatic. Is there anyway to keep her from going under the bed all the time? She also likes sleeping in the closet, but not nearly as much. Does anyone have any tips on how to block off under the bed? Thanks!
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When I adopted my Touareg (a blue tabby Persian cat) he was a 6 months old kitten and he liked to go and sleep under sofa (a relatively quiet and dark place). I closed his way to that place and I purchased a cat house for him to be enough dark and secure and I placed it in a quiet corner of my home (my bedroom). I introduced him his new house and after a few days he was using that house for his day and night's sleeps.

I think she (your cat) is looking for a secure place where no one disturb her when she is resting.
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OH!!!! I KNOW!!!

I just solved this problem myself. Measure how long your bed is (long and short sides), measure from the box spring to floor and see how much room there is, write the measurements down and head off to walmart. There are these wonderful plastic containers that slide right under beds, I put my cats stuff in them. Mine were 6' tall and 30 some inches long.
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That is a great idea! We have a bunch of stuff under the bed and I didn't know, what I could put under the bed to keep her out of there, and what we would do with all the stuff. This solves both problems! THANKS!!!!
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