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Finally! Pictures of Riley's first week

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I finally got my internet working at home, so have uploaded some pictures of our first week. Here is Riley (aka Mommy's Little Monster!)

A few close-ups of his pretty eyes

On top of the scratching post being cute

Lounging on the stairs..

Yawning and showing his big fluffy belly

Hope you enjoyed them
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OMG Paula he's absolutely gorgeous...and apparently he feels right at home
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Aww he looks so happy to have a furever home!
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He has such a pretty collar! And that fur....can you say hairball?

Now the whole world can share in your joy!!
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Look how beautiful he is!!!! And his eyes are soooo gorgeous....... that is amazing how relaxed he is ....... its like hes where he belongs and he knows it
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ah....he looks quite comfortable already!!!!
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He is beautiful - I love the brownish highlights to his fur.
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He's absolutely adorable and seems so happy and relaxed in his forever home.
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Its so hard to get a picture of him because he rarely holds still!

He has a different collar now with my phone number embroidered on it since I had to remove the name tag. He went nuts and wouldn't wear it! They're both from ragtime collars and so nice.

I'll post more pictures soon
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He's gorgeous! And he looks like he's made himself right at home.
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He's gorgeous.

I bet you he gets as fluffy as Ferris.

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aww what a handsome fella he looks as snug as a bug in his new forever home
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Awww, what an adorable little baby! Riley is just precious.
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What a handsome boy! He sure looks happy!
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Your baby is such a sweetheart!!!
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He is very handsome, his eyes are stunning
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He is an absolute DOLL! What eyes!
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Oh Paula he's gorgeous!!! He really looks like he's settled in well with you both and that's great

His eyes are a stunning colour!
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He really is adorable

I'll try to get some more pictures soon. Its just so hard to get one that's not blurry or of the back of his head, lol. He's so active.
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Those pictures are gorgeous! What a handsome boy and he sure feels at home.
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Ah he's a real doll baby, Beautiful eyes to
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Aww Paula he is gorgeous!
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Beautiful! He looks quite at home too

I have a special spot for black of course I love the pics!
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Great pictures! He certainly is a very handsome little man.
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I think he's the 2nd most beautiful kitty in the world. My Alley was the first of course. But then, all kitties are beautiful
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Boy he is really making himself at home there isn't he?!
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