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Potty Problems

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I've had my two adorable scottish fold kittens for about 3 weeks now. When we got them they were 8 weeks old. The first night we had them the girl decided to go number 2 on my rug in my room. So i spent the next day showing them to use the kitty box. They finally started using it. But now they both still like to go potty outside of their box when ever they feel like it..the majority of the time they use the box but I'll pick up my boyfriends shirt off the floor and it will smell like urine. The other day I walk in and the girl kitten is walking out of the closet when i noticed it smelled so I look in the closet and she went number 2 again on my feather matress from my old bed. I put her nose by it, spanked her and put her in the cat box. Later when I come home from work my boyfriend had the closet door open again and i see her walk out of the closet and sure enough she went pee on the carpet. Why is she doing this when she is already potty trained and how do i make her stop without spanking her?
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they dont understand, and it dosent help. best idea is to confine them in a small place like a spare bathroom or spare room, and put in there food, water and litterbox. they will get the hang of it, just need time.

The whole house is WAY to big for them, and they need time to adjust.
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Spanking your cat will only result in negative behaviors. Kittens/cats do not respond to a spanking.

They are still just tiny little babys. Their Mothers actually teach them how to go potty and its best that they stay with her until they are 12 weeks old to learn this from her.

What you can do is take their poo and put it in the litter box and show them this is where it belongs and do this consistently. Cats are not stupid, they will learn.

In the meantime you need to clean the areas they have gone potty with an enzyme cleaner you can get at the pet food store to thoroughly clean these areas so they no longer have the smell and wont go back to these same spots again.

Please do not use negative approach with a cat, they will learn not to trust you and instead teach them with positive techniques.
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I would keep them confined to a smaller room. As someone else said the whole house is too big for them to find the litter box when they have to go. Say they are playing on one side of the house. One of them has to go. It does remember that there is a litter box but it doesn't remember where it's at or they can't find it.

Also, make sure the cat box is low enough for them to easily get into it.

Seeing as you have four cats, you may want to get 2 litter boxes. Some cats become very upset if "their" litter box is overrun with the smells of other kitties.

Again, put the messes in the litter box if they go outside the box. You may also want to consider using Cat Attract, which is a litter that contains a pheramone that attracts the cat/kittens to use the litter box. Here's a link http://www.preciouscat.com/precious-attract-p-5.html
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