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My cats are acting out

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Ok well iam not sure which cat to blame but lately one or all four have been very distruptive.I came home today and found my bird cage on the floor(the birds are ok),plates and cups on the floor from the counter,someone has been doing its business out of the litterbox.My boyfriend is ready to kill them and wants me to get rid of them,but i just cant since all of this happens while iam at work.Any advice why they are now acting like this?
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Ohh ya this isnt the first day it has been happening about a week and only when we are not home.
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How old? Is this new behavior? Sounds like they are trying to make a point........
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They probably won't like it at first, but if they all get along with each other fine... do you have a cat safe room they could spend a few hours in while you're at work?
As long as there's food, water, litter box, and comfy places to nap they should be fine with such the arrangement.
And it's certainly better then your bf making you get rid of them.

Occasionally, when DH and I will be gone for several hours or know the in-laws may stop by to get something while we're out, we put our cats in the bedroom. They usually sleep most of the day and I don't have to worry about them getting into anything that could hurt them or getting out when someone opens a door.
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