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Gette: Mena

Jiggy: Jelly Bean, Jerry, Little Man, Jerry Seinfeld, Jerry Bean

Sophia: DiDee, Baby.

Don't ask me how Gette got to be nicknamed Mena. All I can say is the day after we adopted her, my husband started calling her that, and it stuck.
Jiggy, well, he's just Mr. Personality.
Sophia--I don't even think she knows her "adopted name" is Sophia. I had her cradled in my arms one day and talking baby talk to her and all that came out of my mouth was "di di di di di DEEEE!!!" because she was too cute for words!!!
And when she's being scolded, she is "Sophia Maria Conchita Alonso."
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Isabella - Bella, Izzy, Bella Bee, Mommy's little princess, That Darn White Cat (courtesy of Colin after she scratched him one day)

Jasmine- Jazzy, Sugar Momma, Sugs, Jazzy Momma

Velvet- Velveteen, Velvie, Baby, My little shadow (she follows me everywhere) That Black Cat That Likes Me (haha that's what Colin calls her)

Kojak - Jack Jack, Kojo, My handsome little man, mommy's big boy, little buddy (that's what Colin calls him - he says kojak is his little buddy)
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Lucivar: Luci, Luce, Luci boy, fuzz butt, Monkey Pants, brat,sweety, gorgeous boy, Senor too smart for his own good, lucimous.

Emmagan: Mog, Moggie, Mogamuffin, Moggle, Mog Mog, miggle mog, mig mog, mogeriferous, beautiful, stinky butt, gassy kitten, little miss insanity, moggums.

Both: NO! Snuggle butt, fuzzy babies, my fuzzy nuts (which sounded fine until I said it out loud ) Monsters.
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Luna: Lune, Lunatic, K-10, Gatto, Screamie, Looney, Wiener cat

Sherman: Shermie, Sherm, Sherm (the) worm, wormie, little worm, the sherminator, Shermster (I could really run with this one!)
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Zoey: Zo Zo, Monkey , red dog , wild child , wiggley , pumpky, mommy little red head

Gidget: Gigi , pumpkin head , lickey poo ,baby girl , black dog

Kandie : KK , pumpkin, little witch ( switch one letter) , sweety pie
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i posted something like this aaaaggess ago and got some really random names!

anyway, Mitzi's nicknames are:

Lil' girl
Mitzi Moo

we only had her at the end of last month after we lost Tab, so we havent had a good think yet lol
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My grey diluted calico Frosty is:

Frost, Frosty, Frosted, The Frosted, weasel, brat cat

Black long haired Mischief is:

Miss, Miss Kitty, Tubbies (for her swinging belly and large rib cage), Tubs, Miss Tubbies, Miss Tubs, Tub Tub and Wooly Mammoth (from hubby when she snuggles with him at night)


My baby (to whoever I'm holding at the time), Fuzzy butts, stinky butts!
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We have the weirdest nicknames for some of my cats...

Caliper - Snark, Doodle, Doodle von Strudel, 'per, Dood

Chassis - Frissle, Fris von Sis, Chass

Tailpipe - My mom calls him Snick-Snack, because he comes to her when she says it

Tigger - Kittah, Kittles
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Riley has a lot of nicknames already, lol.

Ri-Ri, Monkey, Pretty Boy, Monster kitty, Riley Riffraff, Dumpster kitty (because that's where he was found and he tries to eat like he still is!)

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Tiger: Tiggy, Tigger, Buddy, Stinker
Angel: Baby girl, Darling, Sweetie, Little Panther
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I could have sworn I already posted in this thread, thats why I dug it up, coz I wanted to tell you Ryu's nicknames. Guess I will have to go through them all again, maybe it was a different thread with same topic.

Big boy,
Dumb Butt (can't use the real word)


Dragon boy,
Bakemono (moster, coz he's piling on the weight now)
Gorgeous boy

There are more names just can't think of them all
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Nimbus: Nimby, Nims, Niblet (my favorite one!!! )
Jerry: Jer-bear, Jerry cat, puss in boots (i have no idea why)

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I call Layla, Laylabug, Sweet Girl, Baby, Furball, and Hellcat!
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Wow...this made me think about all the nick-names she DOES have! Ike rarely get's called Ike...It's mostly: "Baby Kitty", "Ike-a-saurus", "Itty Bitty Baby", "Ikey Wikey", "Bawbay" by me (not including some...choice...words I use when she's a bad girl)

And my Boyfriend thinks it's cute to call her "Tiger", "Champ", "Sport" and other things a dad might call his son (disregarding Ike's a girl).
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