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What is it? What does it do? Were do you buy it at?
I am moving in a couple weeks and I read in another thread of this stuff and was wondering about it.I appreciate your help

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Feliway is a product that comes in a wall plug-in (like an air freshener) or as a spray.

It gives off "happy kitty" pheremones that can help soothe and calm cats. It doesn't have any detectable smell to people.

I swear by the stuff, but some others have said it doesn't really affect their cat; it probably depends on the cat. I use a plug-in at my house, and it makes a big difference with one of my cats. The other is pretty even-keel no matter what, but I can always tell when it's time to replace the plug-in (once a month) by the way Leo is acting. It takes a little for it to start working, and I think the product says to let it go for a month to get the full effect.

The downside to some people is that it's kind of expensive - I believe the refills for the plug-in are about $20-$25. I don't remember how much the original was.

You can buy it at most pet supply chains (i.e., Petsmart, PetCo, etc.).
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Thank you for the good info
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It has worked like a charm for me (for the most part). The very first time I used it, I put it in Isadora's cat carrier before I took her to the vet (she makes vet visits rather embarassing). I was astonished when I got there that she turned from psycho kitty to a perfect angel. She didn't even bat an eye when the vet stuck the thermometer you-know-where. Since then, I've had mixed reactions with it. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

It also appeared to fix her little problem of peeing on our bed.

I used the plug ins for a little while, now I use the spray.
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I've used the spray in my kitten's carrier and she doesn't seem to be effected by the spray. However, my boyfriends kitten climbs into the carrier and falls asleep in there a few minutes after I've sprayed it! The vet told me that it works on some kittens/cats and won't work on others. I guess it's "hit or miss" which could be a bad thing if you're not willing to spend about $40.00 on something that could be a "miss". Although it doesn't seem to work on my cat, I'd still recommend trying it because it certainly works for others.
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Definately order refills before you run out. I really see a difference since the diffusers are empty. The cats are all fighting now. I just moved 3 cats into a 4cat household. Two of my cats used to live with the other 4.
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