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Cat pretty upset about move. Not sure what to do.

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Hello everyone!

My hubby and I just moved into a brand new home, along with our two cats. They are siamese mix, one black with golden eyes (male) and one white with blue eyes (female) . They are indoor cats, and they are both fixed. They are brother and sister.

Our first night here was Sunday. We took them in their cages that night to the master bedroom and set them up in there. They love to sleep with us. We left them in that room only until Wed. We let them out on Wed., and our male cat did just great. In fact, he seems happier. Our female is not doing so well. She eventually came out of that room and will roam around the upstairs but she will not go downstairs. We have been working this week (we were here with them all day mon, tue, wed)and when we get home she is still under the bed. the most part she has been hiding under our bed at all times. She is eating, and using litterbox..etc. Her behavior otherwise seems pretty normal considering. The home we live in now is 2 times bigger than the other one.

I feel bad for her, and I do not know what to do!

Any suggestions/advice?


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I am curious as to what answers you will get as I am moving in the next couple weeks into a slightly bigger house and am worried the cats will freak out.Why did you decide to keep them in one room for a few days? Should I do the same? I have a 5 year old and a 14 week old strictly indoor cats and I was just going to let them "explore" the whole house
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I am moving in three weeks and this is my plan:

Two weeks before the move I am setting up Feliway diffusers in the new apartment. I already have two running at the current place.

I am NOT vacuuming my rugs before moving; I will simply brush off as much fur as I can by hand, and am rolling them up and moving them dirty.

Why? So that when they are unrolled at the new place, they will still smell like "home" to my kits.

THe same with my bedsheets - I am not going to put clean ones on after the move, instead, I am going to put the dirty ones back on, so that my bed still smells like "home."

I have a flannel duvet cover that is currently on the floor in my bedroom, and the kits take turns sleeping on it. I am simply going to stuff it in a clothesbasket then drop it on the floor of my new bedroom, as is, and leave it there for them - because, again, it will still carry the "home" smell.

I expect it will take time for them to get used to the new place: new layout, new smells, but I am going out of my way to ensure that they are as LEAST bit stressed as possible, and by bringing the "home" smell with us, that should make all the difference.

I will only be keeping them in one room while things are still being brought in. By the first evening, they will have the run of the place.

I wish I had suggesstions for the OP about her unhappy kitty, but other than suggesting Feliway and Rescue Remedy, I really don't know what to offer, as you have already completed your move.
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I did put in feliway diffusers in the house.....I think that may have helped my male cat.

We have all of the same furniture. We have not bought anything new, and we didn't wash much before we moved in. I hoped it would lighten the stress some.

I locked them in a room, because when we moved the last time, that did wonders for them and they adjusted very well. I thought they would be pretty overwhelmed by the space.

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Maybe start playing with your girl in the bedroom with an interactive toy. Give her treats and let her feel comfortable there. Then slowly start moving out of the bedroom, giving her treats and playing with her.

A technique that people use with ferals is to just hang out with her - read to her and just help her to feel comfortable. Again slowly move out of the bedroom and then downstairs.

Wishing you luck with the girl - it may just take her longer even with the Feliway.
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I moved last year and some of my gang was stressed for weeks and one didn't come out of the bedrooms for a few months. Every cat reacts differently to change and they all adjust in their own time.

Get back to as much as a routine that you can (considering you just moved) cause cats love routine. Feed them at the same time each day.

Go into the bedroom, sit on the floor and read a book out loud to her. She'll like to hear your voice and might venture out to sit in your lap for a while. Keep a bag of treats handy for her.

Someone here suggested that you vacuum your old house before the move then vacuum the new house with the dirty vacuum cleaner before you move them in to transfer the smells into the carpet. I did that here and I think it helped.

I think she'll be fine - she just needs more time to adjust than your boy!!
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Moving is stressful for cats, some more than others. We have moved our cats twice in the last year. The funny thing is the one I didn't think would have any problems is the one that hid behind the dryer for 2 days, so you never know. She will be fine, just let her explore on her own terms. If she refused to come out of the bedroom, don't force her. Just spend time with her. It may take a few weeks for her to feel comfortable and explore, but that is fine. Leave food, water and a litter pan in her "comfort zone", but leave the door open so she has the opportunity to explore if she starts feeling brave. Maybe your kitten will bring her out after a few days. Talk to her alot when you are in there, but don't try to force her out from under the bed. She feels safe there for now, and being allowed to explore on her own terms will make her more confident in her new house. Pretty soon, she will be ruling the roost again, don't worry.
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I moved from an upstate NY rural area to the suburbs in NJ because of a job relocation about 2 years ago.

When we first moved in, Daniels ran directly under the bed... he spent the first 2 weeks there.. I had to bring the litterbox in the bedroom, and left his food at the foot of the bed.. I tried to play with him & he was more then willing as long as he didnt have to come out from under the bed

After the 2 weeks.. he started slowly coming out at his own pace, but every car that went by, or car alarm that went off sent him sailing back under the bed... I think it took him about 6 weeks before he was back to normal.

Hopefully she eases into her new home soon..
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I've had to move 6 times in a 3-year time span (looong story - too complicated to get in to!), and each time I did, I was also worried about the 'babies' adjusting to their new homes.

When I moved, I put the litter box & their food in the bedroom, b/c I knew they would run for cover under the bed as soon as I got moved in. I think they feel safer under the bed, b/c your 'scent' is on the bedclothes, your clothes in the closet, etc. I'd leave the door to the bedroom shut for the first few days till they had a chance to adjust, and also b/c there was no chance of an 'escape' in a strange place where they might get disoriented and lost. I'd leave the door open at night, so they could wander around and investigate on their own time. After about a week, I'd leave the bedroom door open, and eventually they would come out during the daytime, until they were adjusted and made the new home their own. During the time that they were confined in the bedroom, I'd go in to them several times a day, to talk to them and give them extra lovin', and to give them special treats. They adjusted fairly quickly, even though they were moved around quite a bit for those three years.

Like the others have mentioned, having familiar objects/smells around that they are used to is a big help. And giving them extra attention till they adjust is comforting, and they're less likely to feel threatened if you take the extra time to soothe them.

I think female cats don't generally adjust as quickly as male cats do, but she'll be alright eventually. Cats just do what feels comfortable to them on their own time. They'll be alright!

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