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HELP! Am worried!

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Hello all, I'm new here today

My two kittens had their second set of injections today, and flea drops. Since I brought them home they havn't stop scratching. They weren't scratching at all before, they aren't infested or anything. They are running around and seem really agitated. Do you think they are allergic to the drops or something? Or could it have anything to do with the injections? Or am I being overly paranoid!? Any advice gratefully recieved, I am on the verge of rushing them to A&E!
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Call the vet before they close.

They MAY advise you to get some benadryl for them. Check with the vet, but I THINK you can give the same dose, by weight, that you would give a child. Infant drops would be easiest.
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Oh bless your heart....I just know you`re feeling frantic for them.
I hope the advice you got from the person who replied back just before me helped. That`s exactly what I`d do too.....call the vet and hopefully be able to give them Benadryl to help with the itching.
Hopefully it`s just a mild reaction that will pass in a day or so.
Let us know what`s happening.
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I know you posted this yesterday and I hope you've seen your vet - as to giving cats benadryl - I have heard some bad news about this. There have been reports about people that have given a dose that was too large and it has sent their cats loopy - so please do not give any humans meds before you consult a vet.

I cannot see how anyone would know what amount to give their cat, you need to check cats weight, the strength of the tablets you have and then how many of us have scales that can weigh such tiny amounts - too risky for me I may stand corrected on this, but it certainly something I wouldnt like to mess with

Let us know how they are
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It sounds like some kind of allergic reaction. The only time I've ever seen any of my cats act the way yours did was when I discovered they had actual flea allergies to fleas. I have to make sure that neither one of them gets fleas, b/c they get so irritated from them.

Like the others have mentioned, I would contact the vet ASAP..especially if BOTH of your cats have the same reaction. And be careful of giving your cats any Benadryl: I've used it for Gabriel who has allergies, but only in very small dosages. Ask you vet how much to use.

keep us updated!

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Thankyou for all your helpful replies,they are greatly appreciated.

The vet was shut and i dont drive so i couldnt take them anywhere
but i found a 24 hr phone line an talked to them an they said keep an eye till tomorrow, which i did (hardly slept, kept getting up all night to check on them!) The next day they seemed fine and eating well etc. Took them to the vet anyway just to be on safe side, vet said yes was a mild reaction they fine now! Phew! But I guess this means cant use frontline (think thats what its called). Do you know if there are different types of it?

Also Moofycat, yes I agree I would be very reluctant to use any drugs like that. I dont use them myself, my mum is a homeopath so I always take homoeopathic remedies instead. By the way, these remedies work really well on animals and are totally safe!

Blossom Possum and Rufus Doofus say thanks for your concern meow!
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Our little Miss Mika has the same reaction to Revolution, so Bijou gets Revolution and Mika gets Advantage.

Revolution covers more things like ear mites, etc., but if she has a reaction to it, then that's all that needs saying - no Revolution for our baby girl.
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The itching may be related to their vaccinations and not to the flea treatment as well. One of my cats had a similar response to his annual vaccinations - couldn't stop scratching. It progressed quickly though- his face next swelled up, he became hot and he started vomiting. I hadn't realized that this could be an allergic reaction when I posted his situation on this list until someone on this site PMed me and told me to get him back to the vets immediately. I rushed him back to the vets for a shot of benedryl - he was having a severe and potentially fatal allergic reaction to the vaccinations. Now, he will only get the rabies purevax vaccine (mandatory by law here) and still gets a benedryl shot before hand to prevent any potential reaction.

Another cat I have is also highly allergic and I have tried to give her the benedryl at home before hand (the vet determined the amount of child benedryl), however, she frothed so much at the oral medication that it is doubtful she received enough to be beneficial. It is easier to let the vet do an injectable dose - you know your cat gets the right amount.

You may wish to remind the vet of this reaction if you need to do any further shots in this series, and definitely before they get their annual shots next year. Be prepared for a possible reaction and plan on getting them back to the vet after wards or plan on pre-treating them prior to their innoculations with benedryl.
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