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kitten makes ticking, machine-gun sound

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My parents bought a pair of pureblooded, papered maine coon kittens from a breeder, kept one and let me take the other (thanks mom and dad). he's about four months old now and nearly as large as some adult cats ive seen (such as my girlfriends), no joke. Anyway i noticed the other day that while stalking a fly around my apartment, he would get near, get a really "intense" expression on his face with flattened ears and all, and make this weird "ack-ack-ack-ack" ticking noise, while his jaw sort of rapidly chattered, immediately before pouncing. his meowing isnt so strong yet, more of a squeaking still but its getting more adult-like. maybe he's trying to make a noise that hes not old enough for yet? I mean, cats dont echolocate like bats do while hunting obviously. hes also done this noise for several of his favorite "kill toys" (the more animal-like ones). I tend to anthropomorphise my cats, and it seems to me like he's saying "feeling lucky, punk?" or "say your prayers" before pouncing. anyone else seen this?
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It's quite common.

Ginger and Penny both do it ("eh-eh-eh-eh-eh?") while Ferris just makes a whining sound.
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Our kitties do it when they see "prey." We call it, "B-B-B-IR-IR-IR-D-D-D!"
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Annabelle is silent but deadly when it comes to "prey".
Gracie kind of chirps and Elliott makes a strange barking noise.
The first time I heard him "Bark" I had the windows open and I thought there was a dog outside...but it was Elliott the "barking" cat.
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Some call it "chattering". Our past kitties did but Aristotle chirps.
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Haha thats cute. My cats do that when they see a bug. lol!
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Completely normal, it's Seamus's favorite thing to do on his window perch... look outside at the birds and squirrels and make noises at them.
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I've only had one cat that did it, and it freaked me out! But, it's perfectly normal. I'm not quite sure why they do it when they are "hunting" because I would think that would scare away the prey (aren't the supposed to be the silent hunters?) but some do. It's just their way of focusing on the prey. Maybe it's to ward off other in "this is mine...go find your own!". I don't know, but I thought it was cute...once I realized it was normal.

And, Maine Coons are HUGE!! We had a stray tom in the neighborhood last fall that had to have some in him, and it was the biggest cat I ever saw. It jumped up on the back porch, and I honestly thought it was a dog. He was a sweety, but when I petted his head, it was bigger than my hand, and he stood up past my knee! I was amazed! How much does your cat weigh? I swear this one had to weigh close to 30lbs, and it was all muscle.
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I recently lost my special one on the evil road, she was almost 7 months old. Now my cats are strictly indoors ! cept for the 2 older independent males . Anyway, she ALWAYS *Kacked* kak kak kak kak , at flys or bugs or anything she wanted and couldn't reach lol, and now my new edition, Shiska also does this, specially when I wave the wand around and she can't reach it !. However, my 2 older males never have, my 8 month old ( brother to my special one that has passed) never has, and my other 2 female kittens do not either. Maybe it also depends on their personality a bit? I am not sure but I LOVE the Kak kak kak I think it is endearing and the cutest thing ! and ALL of my cats are speyed and fixed
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Last I read, that's somewhat of a reflex that cats have in response to potential prey. They're basically visualizing killing the poor bird, mouse, or toy that they have their eyes on with their special "killing bite".

My cats do it while they're watching "kitty TV" (aka: looking out the back window)...they like the squirrel show and the duck show the best.
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I've Loki do this, but not Possum. However, last week Loki did a new kind of "chirp". I swear to god it sounded like a kitty version of that sound the ghost made from The Grudge! Totally freaked me out!

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My Sphynx does it too
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Apparently some cats do this when they're stalking prey but can't get to it. It's an expression of frustration. If they could actually get to the prey they wouldn't make this sound as to avoid scaring it away. My new cat, Aspen, does it and it's adorable.
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