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Alright, here's the deal

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We have a scanner, but there is nowhere on the back of our computer to which to connect it.
We don't know what to do about that.
Second, once we do get pictures scanned, we have no idea how to upload them onto this forum.
We are under the impression that scanned pictures have to be located at a URL before they can be uploaded -that they cannot be uploaded directly from our hard drive.
Is this true? If so, how do we get scanned pictures online? Do we have to build a webpage, put our pics on it, and then link to them from here in order to get pictures of our kitties on this page?
I want to take pictures of all my cats, inside and outside, and post them so that anyone who's reading my story, "The Parking Lot Cats" can look at the pictures and know what the characters look like.
But, Lisa and I are not very computer savvy, so we have to take baby steps.
Fielding all suggestions,
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No connection? Usually (I think) it's a USB (on mine it is) which is usually also the same thing your mouse connects by. Can you follow your mouse cord to a plug in area? They would be rectangular, thin rectangular holes that have half hole and then half filled in, and the plug is the opposite. Maybe your scanner is missing the cord?

Or did you get a cord and there aren't any available ports of the right type? If it is a USB (like where the mouse is) and there are no more empty ones you can get a USB hub. It's like a power strip for plugging things in, you put it in the computer USB and it gives you more USP ports.

Hope some of that made sense...

Most places you have to upload to the web first but I believe here you can do attachments straight from your computer so long as they are a reasonable size.
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Once your images are scanned go to Image Magician. Sign up for an account and upload your photos. There is a box with the url below the picture that you need to copy. Come back to the cat site and go into new thread or reply and click on IMG. Paste the code into the box. There you have it, pictures of your kitties. As for your scanner, what brand is it?
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With many scanners you have to do a loop with cords connecting it to your printer port. The cable would go from the printer port on your computer to the scanner, then there will be a second port on the scanner which you would attach the cable to your printer. The ports on the back of the scanner (if it is this type) will be labeled with something like "To Printer" & "To Computer".

You can attach pics saved to your computer, but they have to be a certain size or smaller. Your scanner probably came with some type of software, although it may be very basic. If it does not allow you to edit image size, you can download a freeware program that I use at www.irfanview.com. To attach a pic from your computer, it has to be less than 400x400 pixels and less than 32Kb (usually no problem when it's 400x400). You can reduce the size by cropping it down to just what you want to post, then reducing the size of the whole picture.

To reduce the size of the picture using Irfanview, open your picture, then go into the Image pulldown menu. Select "Resize/Resample" and in the first set of boxes on the left side of the window, make the largest side of your picture 400 pixels. Generally, as long as the picture is less than 400x400 pixels, you should be fine to post here.

Hope this helps!
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I connected one cord to the scanner from the printer, ndthe other to the computer from the scanner, ALA valanhb's advice. Thank you all for your gracious aid! I hope you can now look rward to seeing our cats here!
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