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very nervous

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Hello Our baby Shadow is expecting and shes not due till around Aug.4 but she is getting very big does that mean the kittens will be big or are there alot of kittens in there? She was pregnant one other time when she was 7 months and she didnt do well with the kittens two of them died a day later and the last one lived about a week but she wouldnt tend to him we had to bottle feed and it still died, Will she do better with this litter? And yes I know we should have gotten her fixed after the first time but we didnt.
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Welcome to TCS! My last foster momma was HUGE, and she had 5 decent sized kittens. The other two fosters were pretty big but not enormous... one had 5 and the other had 4 smallish kittens. I will add your kitty to our "Kitten Watch" thread here: http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...122520&page=14
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