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I wanted a Maine Coon really badly for a while. I love large, long haired breeds. I'd probably get another Ragdoll. Smudge is so cool. Havana Browns sound cool, too. Also a Turkish Angora or Van. We used to have an odd-eyed white that very much looked like a Turkish Angora.
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I would love a British Shorthair (blue). I have looked and can't find any around me. Only in other states and they ship but I don't want to buy an animal without seeing the animal first.
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Before I even read the post, I was going to say an Egyption Mau as well, either that or a bengal. I think they're absolutely gorgeous.
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Need you ask? More Abys!

Considering the fact that I already have 5 breeds (Abys, Wegie, E Burm, Persian and Corni) at home , my shortlist is :

Long Hairs
1. Turkish Angora
2. Siberian


1. Ocicats (as GK says, they're merely spotted Abys anyway!)
2. E maus

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Originally Posted by Green Bunny View Post
I'm just curious and anybody can answer, if you've owned purebreds or not.

I'm the kind of person who loves mixes, especially ones from the shelter. For the most part I have no desire to get a purebred cat, BUT I absolutely love Egyptian Maus. I hope that someday (in the far future when I have money! ) I can get my very own silver one to play with my other kitties. I think the silver ones are the most beautiful, but the bronze colored ones are also very beautiful.

I'd totally name it something normal, and not one of those weird names like "Sir Fezziwig Winterbottom" I kept coming across looking for pictures! I don't understand that practice at all (anyone care to enlighten me?).

I'm ashamed to admit that the reason I found out about these cats was because I saw one in that awful piece of dreck, the movie Catwoman!

So if you had the cash to burn (and pretend everything in your life is peaches and roses!), what would you get? For those who have purebreds, what kind do you have?


I've never had any purebreds, just dshs and maybe one crossbreed of what i dont know. While i love all cats i wont choose which one i'd have, im perfectly content with domestics
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forgot to add - i also like the American Curls - those curled ears give them such an inquisitive expression!
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Originally Posted by Breal76 View Post
25% of all animals surrenderedto shelters are pure breds. This includes cats.
But that number is mostly dogs. " The American Humane
Association National Shelter Reporting Study reported that 0.9% of cats
entering shelters are purebred. Purebred cat rescue organizations -- the
people who can accurately identify breeds of cats -- report that even that is
too high.
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