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i just learned something new

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One of my females was pregnant. its a slow process coming up with the money to get them fixed. i thought she was pregnant anyway. she slowly got fatter and fatter but as she began to near what would have been her time i noticed i wasn't seeing any movement when i should have been. her breasts began to swell so i knew it wouldn't be much longer.

I was out in my garden when my husband called me back in the house frantic. The little shorty was sitting in the kitchen floor and had just expelled a puddle of bloody liquid. I picked her up to move her into the bathroom and she soaked the front of my dress (its a good thing I am not grossed out easily).

She stayed in the bathroom all night leaving little bloody spots all over the place. I assumed it was a miscarriage and kept expecting her to pass the kittens but she didn't. She did however get smaller and smaller and smaller.

Concerned about kittens still being inside of her and causing an infection i went and talked to the vet who explained what a false pregnancy was, lol.

Little shorty is doing much better. She is returning to her normal size and scheduled to be fixed in two weeks when her uterus returns to its normal size.
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I have never heard of that.
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i have never heard of a false pregnancy ended like that? and in any case that vet should have asked you to bring her straight in as she could have bled out. i would call a different vet and get straight up there with her, anything could be going on there. i would have been up the vets with the puddle of blood and on your dress.
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I have heard of this happening in humans and animals but never with the blood. Did the vet explain why she bled?
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Glad she's alright. On a side note though, have you tried looking around for low cost clinics? Here it only costs $45 for females and $25 for males.
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Oh dear

She still could have miscarriage or partially absorbed the fetuses. Glad you are getting her in to be spayed soon.
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I think I'd be calling a different Vet.
I've never heard of a false pregnancy ending that way either.
I would think that when the Vet heard about the puddle of blood on your dress and the spots on the floor he/she would have told you to bring her in ASAP.

I'm not doubting you in any way, it's the Vet I have doubts about.
Just doesn't sound right to me.
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I've heard of it. Some false pregnancies even get to the point where the queen goes into labor and has contractions. It's weird, but I have heard of it.
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She is back to her normal size now with a saggy belly, lol. She was even starting to develop milk when it ended. She is bright eyed and happy and back to her old self.

The vet said that during the false pregnancy her uterus filled with liquid which was what I saw and what covered the front of my dress. I questioned him about it pretty thoroughly because I had never seen that happen before either and I have had a lot of pregnant cats and seen miscarriages too. We were positive she was pregnant. She got fatter and fatter and slept all of the time. But I knew something wasn't quiet right when she started to develop milk and I didn't see any movement in her belly. It literally felt like she had a water balloon in her stomach instead of kittens.

I trust this guy pretty well. He is the cheapest one I have found and takes care of the pets of just about everyone I know.
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by the way it wasn't straight blood on the floor and on my dress, it was bloody liquid. I thought it might have been amniotic fluid but there was way way to much of it.
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No way she could have ate the kittens?
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Thats always a possibility, except that we kept a pretty close eye on her after it started. By morning She was still about half the size she had been and not bleeding so i let her out of the bathroom. That afternoon I went to check on her before heading out and when she stretched on the couch she started dripping again. The dr seemed to think she would have thrown up if she had eaten the kittens and she never did.
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