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Wow Bren they are beautiful!

When I was younger my grandmother taught me how to crochet but I have since fortotten. How long does it take you to make a blanket? You certainly have lucky co-workers!
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They are gorgeous Blankets !
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Here is my art stuff. I paint Darrell's cd's that he messes-up on while burning music or games and make them into coasters. I put fuzzy soft things on the bottom too. I usually make four of one design in a 'set'

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my brother is making a spinny machine for me so that I can put paint in the centre and turn on the machine and it will splatter the paint outwards...if he'll get his butt moving on it and finally finish it!
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Thanks everyone. Tamme, I like you coaster idea. I may have to try that with some of our mistake cds.
Big Kat, It depends on the blanket. The granny square one takes abou 20 minutes per square. The other one takes about an hour for 4 rows of the shells.
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hey bren, that's how I started.
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Tybalt, that's really cool!
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Tybalt, that is cool!

Here is something I made for my mom.

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And a close up. It's not something I would put in my house, it's a little too close to country style for me. But she liked it.

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My boyfriend painted/drew/computer animated these pictures of me

Drew then added color on the computer

Acrylic Paint

More paint

I him so
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Omg THATS REALLY GOOD!!!! I am ok at making computer images at a website.. forgot what its called but it allows you to make computer images on there.. LOL
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He did a painting of Zoey too

It's hanging up in my living room
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Can he make me one lol!!!!!
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Haha.. I dont think you could afford one .. you havent even bought a scanner yet
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I have a scanner but I dont know how to connect it LOL!! and I lost the cd lol...
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I do scrimshaw. I have a client who makes custom pool cues and I scrim them for him.

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Bundy, I think you are very talented. I couldn't begin to draw a foot! All you guys are great. Loved the wizzard also.
I have pictures of my afgans but I can't use my scanner on this new puter. No driver.bummer.
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....I can't use my scanner on this new puter. No driver.bummer. [/b]
Have you tried downloading a driver for your scanner online? What model scanner do you have?

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