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Some of my cross-stitch (I learned to frame, too. It saves a LOT of money).
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More examples:
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Sorry these are so washed out-our scanner at work is old and cranky.
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Last one for now:
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They are beautiful Christy!

Well I took pics of my wreaths last night - now I just have to get them on the computer!
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Those are gorgeous Christy! I love the first one. I really need to learn how to frame and mat myself. It gets so expensive!
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Here is my burden project, the one that's taken years to do. All I have to finish is the beading

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Wow. That is gorgeous, Christy! I have a couple big projects I'm working on, but I'm not anywhere near done with any of them. You should be very proud of that one.
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I can se how it took years to finish! What a huge undertaking! It looks wonderful!
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Well, I have to admit I cribbed the last pic from the website (Merrick, Wizard of the Sea from Black Swan Designs-great patterns). Most of it is done, except for the beading details on the wizard's hat, cloak and staff, and the bubbles. I've done less stitching since I've had Ivo. My neighbor managed to hurt himself on a needle (stepped on it), so I'm afraid of what might happen to Ivo if she got into my needles and beads!
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BTW Heidi,

The castle was "Jonquil Windows" by Camelot Designs (Sue Marshall). I got the pattern on clearance, and I think the pattern is no longer available. I have another, called "Borderlands Atlantis". I don't like denying designers money from their designs, but if you are interested and can't find it, I can send the pattern on to you. Let me know.
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This is my summer wreath.
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...and the autumn wreath.
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I love the colors and the way they seem to create a warm and welcoming feeling!
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Christy!!! You are so talented!!! That last one of the wizard is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!

Ady....you are very talented as well! Those wreaths are lovely!!! Do you sell any of them? You should try making them and selling them on e-bay, they are very very pretty!!!!
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Christy - I love the wizard - I collect wizards! Thanks for the compliment on the wreaths. Debby, each wreath is alot of work and pretty costly so I really only do it for friends and family - I don't have the energy to sell them!
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Okay here it goes now it's not my best work but the only ones I have pics of at the moment!
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And another, I am embarrased cause you guys are really amazing!
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I sew and my specialty is Victorian and Edwardian reproductions. This taffeta dress is one of my better efforts. You can't see the back but, it has a train, scalloped and fringed overdrape and a bustle.

That's my friend, Lynn, portraying Doc Holliday.
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Bundy babe! What talent!

Cindy - those were amazing - I always wanted to learn how to be a seamstress.
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Ady those wreaths are gorgeous!

Bundy, I'm so envious of anyone who can take a blank canvass and turn it into art. Any time I try drawing or painting anything it looks like a 10 year old did it. Cross stitch is time consuming, but it really isn't that difficult. (Well, some of them are!) If you can count and make x's you could cross stitch.

Cindy, I'm also envious of anyone who can sew! That dress is beautiful. Do you make your own patterns?
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I think that anyone who can cross stitch with cats in the house is a very talented person!

Heidi - thanks -I love making wreaths (so does Merlin, he was almost attached to the autumn wreath).
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I pull pieces off of different patterns - a sleeve here, a bodice there. Goodwill and the Salvation Army are good sources for '70s granny dress patterns, that can be modified. There are, also, several pattern companies, that make reproduction patterns.

I, also, design and make hats, to go with the dresses, as well as bags, bloomers, petticoats and camisoles. I quit making corsets, as they are way too much trouble and you can get good ones, from a variety of sources.
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I once made a victorian dress with mutton chop sleves and rabbit fur trim on the over skirt. The skirts and hoop underskirt were stolen and allI have to show for it is the top.
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Teresa I'm so glad you bumped this thread!!

I am a huge arts and crafts person and LOVE reading about and seeing photos of what other people do for a hobby. I have been waiting for my digital camera to be fixed so I can post some pics of my own!

Hope more people respond to this thread with their hobbies!!!
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Just wanted to add that cross stitching with cats in the house isn't that bad, but you have to be organized. I make sure that my work is put away every night, and I'm very conscious about where my needles are. I have everything in the plastic storage things, and the needles in a needle case so I know they can't get into them.

It did take a little while for them to realize that the floss wasn't just there for the kitties' amusement. I kept telling them that this is "mommy's string" and after a while they got it. Sometimes, especially when I'm winding floss on the cards, they think it's a toy and I remind them that it's "mommy's string" and they leave it alone. I have such good kitties.

Of course, every project I do has little pieces of the cats in it. Their fur is impossible not to stitch into it. It's not so bad unless it is a big block of white where Trent's black fur makes a whole section look grey. That's the biggest challenge I have with stitching around cats is catching their fur before I have already stitched half of it in and can't get it out.

Christy, thank you so much for the offer. Right now I have more projects than I will ever be able to finish, and the in-laws found about 10 more kits on clearance and sent them to me for Christmas. I'm set for quite a while.
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I feel so silly posting this one after seeing all your amazing work!
I paint rocks for people to put in their gardens. My favorites to do are turles and bunnies (I find them easier than cats), but here's one of my attempts at painting a rock cat:

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THat's so cool, I thought it was a cushion at first and had to do a second take of see it was a stone. Really great painting.

The image attached is my first attempt at modeling on a compooter. It's one I've made with directions from a tutorial from a free 3D modeling program I got called Gmax.

If anyone wants Gmax you can get it from their site at http://www.discreet.com/products/gmax/

It's designed for gamers for designing their own artwork for games but I use it just for fun.
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