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Send photos of your hobbies!

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A lot of us are crafty (in more ways than one hehe)so, I thought we could show our stuff here! I enjoy painting tiny lead figures. These come without any paint at all and have to be trimmed, primered, and painted.
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The silver guy in the back is what they look like when I get them.
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Those are just beautiful, Teresa!!!!! I can't even imagine painting something so tiny! You must have a very steady hand! Good job!!
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That's really nice work! Do you paint just for the heck of it or are you active in miniature gaming? I'm just curious. When I was in my teens and early twenties, I painted figures for relaxation. I've got a whole host of unpainteds that I keep planning to get back to...

Thanks a lot for sharing! I'd share pics, but my hobbies are primarily non-craft oriented.
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Teresa - are they War hammer figurines?
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Sunday we pull out our dice and books and spend the day gaming. I get the figures from all different companies. It just depends on what appeals to me at the time. My hands are not as steady as I would like! I usually have to redo the faces a couple of times! (Anyone seen a male werecat figure? The males all seem to be werewolves...)
I just love the way they seem to come alive!! I have over 200 figures I have painted.
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Teresa, those are great! I've tried to paint those figures before and never could get the detail well enough. Yours look fantastic!

I hope more people add pictures of their hobbies to this thread.
I do tons of crafty things in my spare time, and will post some photos when I get my digital fixed.
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Teresa, those are great! Hubby used to do those when he was younger, and always looks at them when we go to a store that has them.

I actually started taking pics of my finished cross stitch projects with the last one I finished (for the Secret Santa exchange), so I'll try to post some pics when I get home tonight.
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I think it's funny when you guys say...
When I was in my teens and early twenties...or
Hubby used to do those when he was younger
I'm 43 and painted my last figure 3 years ago. (It's hard to get alot of detail with a 4 year old in the house helping!) I should be albe to continue this next school year! I can't wait!
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we get together every friday night for gaming with a bunch of our friends. Been doing this for about 10 years now! it's a lot of fun! I've gotten several miniatures painted, but nowhere near that quality! I've got a large pegasus that I want to work on, I'm just so afraid I'll mess it up!
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I love making floral wreaths and I am in the middle of painting Christmas tree decoration to use instead of bows on presents this year - I will try to get some pics of them!
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Well, Teresa, for me its like this...figure painting & gaming worked out all well and good for me while I was young and single. I'm 36, and my "stuff" has moved three times. I've actually got a nice area to work in in our house, but now I seem to not be able to manage the time. Our son is 10 and keeps us on the go, as do other commitments.

I occassionally go look wistfully at my stash of unpainteds, dreaming of the day when I might actually have several spare moments strung together to get organized and DO something.

My son isn't really interested in gaming that isn't electronic (UGH! He doesn't know what he's missing), nor does he have the patience for such pursuits...he defines the work "active".

Anyway, I think its great that you game with your family on a weekly basis!
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My middle child (12) at home is ADHD and sometimes he will leave before the game is over to watch TV or have a freind over... We warn him he will be paying for stuff the hard way (in the game) so if we come up against fines or need a room for the night it comes out of his stash!! Hope you get to "play" with your stuff soon!
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Kassandra - what a powerful poem! Here are some links to poems I posted in the Paws and reflect forum!
For some reason I can't find Phoenix there anymore so here it is.
Phoenix Burning

Phoenix burning bright.
You came from the dust,
and there you must return.

Fly sparking across the night
blazing a trail to heaven.
Heaven's gate shall open to your light

Stay with me in spirit
as you leave this earthly plane
lest I mourn over your ashes.

Too short your time spent with me
bound to earth with pain.
I understand your need to fly.

I watch your transfiguration
from gravity weighted soul to glory
and I wish to soar away with you.
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Maybe we can find an artist to illistrate your work? Anyone out there up to it??
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You asked for pics!

These are all small projects that I have completed for Christmas presents. Excuse the wrinkles and such, I haven't finished them, except for the bookmark that I made for Jamie (Luv_Those_Paws) here for our Secret Santa exchange.

Here's the Secret Santa Bookmark
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These will be made into large ornaments/door or wall hangers

Bless This Home for my sister:
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Peace Dragon for my nephew
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Christmas 2002 for my other nephew
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I love the three kittens! (My son loves the dragon)
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You guys are SO talented! I don't know how you can paint those little things, Teresa! It would be way too hard for me to do that...I don't have the patience for that kind of thing.
Heidi, I just LOVE the bookmark! It is so cute!! I've never tried needlepoint or anything...not sure if I've got the patience for that either. I'm just not crafty like that...
Great work you guys!
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Last one. I may keep this one for me. You can't really see it, but there is gold metallic interwoven in the fabric which looks really cool with the burgandy.
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A little hobby of Mine.........
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I love looking at things that make me smile! The beehive hairdo on the one with glasses kills me!!
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I have seen that beehive cow somewhere before...do they sell those at Hallmark? I think I saw it there. Too cute!!!

Love the poems!!!!! You both are so talented!!!

Heidi!!! Beautiful artwork!!!! I love it!!!!
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My hobbies are all about cats!

Making Cat Toys
I have made over 100 cat toys in the past year. They range from rabbit fur balls all the way to big feather wands.

Making Cat Costumes
I took Hercules out this halloween in a bumble bee costume, the local pet store loved it and asked me to make up a bunch for Christmas, Easter, Halloween etc.

Painting And Drawing
That includes painting my house! I just finished painting my room, the walls look like tiger stripes. I am building a cat room which will be creamy yellow and creamscicle orange. I love to draw also.

Here's a picture of my "Tiger" room!

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I like to paint. Mainly in oils and acrylics. I also am trying my hand at crochet, for the past 4 yrs I've been working on the same blanket. I'm not very good at it though. I collect McCoy pottery. I have hundreds of pieces! My father is an antique dealer. My house is filled with all kinds of cool stuff. I like to go to flea markets. I collect marbles too. I've got over 2000. Oh and comic books! Maybe I could get some photos later!
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Everyone is so talented!
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Everyone is so talented! I love the creativity and diversity we are all showing! If anyone is interested in having their minitures painted PM me!
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I will try to take a pic when I get home of the wreath I made for our front door. I have the camera at work with me so I hope I remember to do it.
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