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Strong Bond

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When Huni has had her kittens, I am sure that she will be a good mother to them.
If we decide to keep any of them.............what will their continued relationship be like.
Will she always be "maternal" toward them.......does anyone have experience of this please. I would be interested to know.

Thanks Chrissie & Huni.
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well i have 1 kitten from katie and i took him out to see her after he didn't see her for a long time. she started cleaning him and she still loves him and they get along fine.
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Thanks for your comments....
That is so sweet, so you think they would remain close then......
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yes i think they will. and good luck
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i dont know, my lilly she had 3 kittens we kept 2 of them and she hates them wont go near them and will even attack them if they get to close. it really depends on the cats.
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From what I've learned, cats don't retain the maternal instinct like humans do. Some cats are just naturally more maternal and will mother other cats whether they are hers or not. Some male cats make great "moms", too.

I believe it really does depend on the temperment of the cat.
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We kept all 5 kittens from Missy, they are now 2 yrs old and she still calls them over to groom them. They all get along really well and play together.
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