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Third cat torments first in house

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I have taken in a third (rescued) cat - it will be one year this August. He was out on the streets for about a year prior to him coming to our house. I have two others, one that is 7 years old and was out on the streets for the first six months of her life and another who is 3 years old and was only born outside but never lived in the wild. The newest one is the only male. He torments the oldest especially when she attempts to use the litter box. Although his actions do not seem violent in nature, he knows that she prefers to be left alone, but he will intentionally jump on her, I think to try to get her to play (as he does with the other female who plays back). She wants no part of this and it turns into a hissing screaming battle. The female also is very longed haired so quite often the male will pull away with a fur ball in his mouth. The worst is when the female attempts to use the litter box. The male will run after her and as she enters the box (it is a large covered shelter) he proceeds to swipe at her rear end and then he tries to swipe at her while she is in the box. He also waits for her to come out and then chases her downstairs and jumps and the battle starts all over. The other female generally watches the show but sometimes she chases after the victim as well. My problem is......ever since the male came in to the house someone is urinating on my furniture downstairs. As I mentioned the litter box is upstairs and only the furniture downstairs are the targets (so far). Although I do not know exactly who is the culprit I feel that it is the female who is chased after. I have tried everything including hundreds of dollars on Feliway and I have a spray bottle in every room of the house. Often I will accompany the female upstairs and into the box and wait for her to come out and then walk her down, all the while holding a spray bottle so the male does not go after her. By the way, he is a very gentle, lovable cat to people. The Feliway seemed to help stop the urinating on the sofa, but then it moved to one of my dining room chairs and now it happened on one of my living room chairs. All of my downstairs furniture is covered with plastic, wee wee pads, and store bought covers and now I have begun to put large objects on top to deter whomever is doing this not to be able to get onto the furniture. The victimized cat was never a social cat, but it is obvious that she is even less social now that the male is here. HELP. What can I do? As I said I do not know for sure it is this cat urinating but it seems logical that it is her since she is given such a hard time going upstairs to the litter box. It was suggested that I put a box downstairs but I'm not sure that will help and my house is very small so I would have to put it out in the open which I would prefer not to do...but I'm willing to try anything. Any advice from anyone will be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!!!!
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Are all your kitties FIXED??? If not then that may be the problem.
If they are, then I`d try a second litter box.....if you don`t want it out in the open (where you have to actually see the litter), is there a closet you could cut a kitty size hole in that you could put it in?
Or possibly get a large plastic storage container and cut a hole in the side of it and turn the hole away from where your gaze is...even towards the wall if you can spare enough room to keep it out from the wall far enough for your kitty to enter. You may have to alter the ends with a utility knife, where the lid catches, so that you don`t have to work too hard at removing it to sift the litter though....as they can close pretty tight. Just make the lid to rest on the top instead of snapping down.
I hope you get it all worked out soon....I know this must be stressful!
Good luck.
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Yes, they are all fixed but do males still spray if they are fixed? Sam seems to and it is usually in the area where one urinates? I do think I will have to try a second box though. Thank you again!
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