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I have the worst luck... Dont know what to do anymore!

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So yeah lately my posts have consisted on these mysterious cysts that have appeared on the cartilage of my ear and then one that was below my earlobe (on the other ear)... Well I am struggling with those but managing. To add to that nasty grief I have 2 keloids at the site (outside and inside) of my tragus piercing. I have both of my tragus pierced (on each ear), one I have had for 4 years and never had a problem... The other I got back in february and it has been hell. I cant take it out because if an infection is present that wont make the situation any better! So I made an appointment with my dermatologist (she cant get me in until a month from this day) and the appointment is way to far away! Im starting to have issues trying to clean my ears with a q-tip... The keloid is in the way... and I have to wear my hair down because it is hideous. This thing hurts (both of em) and itches like mad. I clean it twice a day with antibacterial soap just so an infection doesnt occur. unfortunately I was sleeping on the piercing through the healing process, which induced trauma to my ear and that is why I am in this mess. Im freaking out... The outside one grew overnight... Even bigger!!!

Of course my posts wouldnt be right unless I shared the nasty photos with you... Here goes... I feel like such a gross and unpretty person with these keloids and the cyst issues I have been having... Im trying to get an appointment sooner but the doc office phone is busy or temporarily disconnected... I have no luck!!!!
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I got a pic coming of the progress from overnight... Ill be back with it shortly
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to me from the pics jsut looks like a birthmark, but maybe cause its not ON me, it dosent look bad to me?

Sorry your having such a rough time of it!! Did the doc talk about putting you on antibotics or something?
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No it is a keloid... Not a birthmark, it is raised (its right at the site of my piercing on each side)... They are painful and itchy... Here is a link on em... Im sure alot of people are unaware of what they are...

Here is a pic of my tragus piercing on the other ear (had this one for almost 4 years and never had a keloid issue with it)... This is suppose to be how it looks (the piercing)...

It isnt like a mole or any type of birthmark at all... It is a build up of scar tissue
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To get rid of them they have to be surgically removed or they will do stereoid or cortizone injections... Im hoping for the injections because the removal tends to make matters worse in the end... There is no antibiotic that will get rid of such a thing... (treatment article)

"Keloids can develop following the minor injuries that occur with body piercing. Since doctors do not understand the precise reasons why some people are more prone to develop keloids, it is impossible to predict whether piercing will lead to keloid formation. Although there are some families which seem prone to form keloids, for the most part, it's impossible to tell who will develop a keloid. One person might, for instance, develop a keloid in one earlobe after piercing and not in the other. It makes sense, however, for someone who has formed one keloid to avoid any elective surgery or piercing, especially in body areas prone to scarring."
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Have you tried warm water with salt? This is what is recommended to me when I get a new piercing or an infection. Seems to work great. Use a cotton ball to soak up the fluid, then squeeze onto the location. Or just pour it directly on the spot if not too hot.
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Yeah sea salts are recommended for any new piercing... Except this piercing is 5 months old and just started forming keloids two weeks ago... Up until then there wasnt much issues but a little swelling. I guess I could try it but I dont think it will bring the keloids down at all. I didnt use salts on any of my piercings, some piercers are all about it and some leave it as an option (my bf was told to use the salts on his nipple piercings) I just used anit-bacterial soap twice a day... I wish I wouldnt have slept on it so much, that is what caused the trauma and scar tissue aka keloid...
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I generally just use regular salt, not even sea salt. I dont recommend really hot water for you, but it is my preference to have the water as hot as I can stand it. And even if it does not bring down the keloids (boy, have I had to deal with those), at least it will help the infection and irritation and inflammation. And sleeping on it when it is not entirely healed can irrigate the piercing, even if you've had the piercing for many months. From experience, I can have a cartilage piercing for years and still have it get infected on me if I sleep wrong. In fact, Ive had the cartilage pierced about 4 times, and each times, it's gotten infected.
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So you have had keloids before? Did yours go away on their own or did you have to have them removed or injected? It really is a pain... Maybe I will try salt... Im sure that is going to feel lovely... Ill use lukewarm water. It cant get much worse, only bigger.
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Ouch!!!!! I can tell they are a pain for you, but honestly I don't think that they would be noticable to a passerbye, so you should be able to wear your hair up. I am sure it looks worse to you then to anyone else.

You are beautiful, with or without them - don't let them drag your feeling about yourself down!
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Im trying not to, it is more noticable in person than it is by picture. Those were takin with my camera phone. Ive asked alot of people if its noticable and they have said yes... It really is, I mean there could be worse things but it is yucky lookin
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Maybe you are allergic to metal? Allergies usually show up after repeated (and more) exposure...

I'm allergic to gold - I must have been a peasant in a previous life. Hope you get it all straightened out.
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That is weird... Id hope not since I have had body piercings for 7 years now with no reactions like this!
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Originally Posted by SwampWitch View Post
Maybe you are allergic to metal? Allergies usually show up after repeated (and more) exposure...

I'm allergic to gold - I must have been a peasant in a previous life. Hope you get it all straightened out.
That just means you should get platinum!
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