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Does this make sense to anyone else???

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If a bunch of sibling kittens are a "LITTER" ....then why is their poop box called a "LITTER BOX"????
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Hmmm I never thought of it. But I guess because waste is often called litter. There for it is a litter box. But baby animals aren't litter.....
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Probably because theres more than one package or tinkle ball in the box

Rosie and Sophie can have at least 5 tinkle balls there, so theres the litter
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Strange now that I think about it!
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Baby animals are called litters, while the litter box is full of waste products, hence litter.
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Maybe then the "LITTER BOX" is rightly should we rename a group of sibling kittens then?
I propose to call them a "CUDDLE BUNCH" !
What do you think?
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This is one of the "why do we drive on a parkway and park in a driveway" questions. I'm going to be up all night trying to figure this one out!
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Good question. I've never thought about that before. Now I will!
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maybe because it all comes from the same general area of a cat???
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The litter originally meant the straw, etc, used as a bedding for animals. The baby cats were born onto the litter, it's not too far a jump to see how the term could be applied to the babies as well. The usage of litter became more specific as meaning where animals went to the bathroom and also the stuff they went on, and from there to the litter we buy today.

(Littering, like throwing trash outside, comes from the same--- 'to litter' was to throw down the hay, etc, used for bedding for the horses. The word comes from one which means 'bed')
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OK...if Lion and tiger babies are called "cubs" then shouldn't baby bears be called something else?

And then shouldn't kittens be called cubs as well?

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I don't like the word "litter" as it means something "disposable" and kittens are NOT disposable
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I like "cuddle bunch!" But it might be too cute to make it into general use. Since we're talking about kittens who are siblings, maybe they could be referred to as a sibble...?
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I like caboodle as in a kit and caboodle
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There's always a 'kindle' or a 'clowder'.... nothing will ever make less sense to me than a 'shrewdness' of apes though.
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'Cause they are (kittens) little turds!!!!!!! LOL! That is what I call mine when they do something bad, playfully of course-in fact it helps me from being mad at them, after I call a cat a turd, I usually start laughing at myself...
*Me walking down the hall* Cody walks in front of me, makes me trip... What do I do? "Cody, you turd, MOVE!" Then I crack up, pet him on the head to let him know that it's ok, that he didn't do anything wrong (even if he DID) Every cat owner knows, if you trip over a cat, YOU are the one in the way, DUH!

Yes, I am totally nuts. =)
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