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What do you do for your Kitty's birthdays?

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What do you guys do for your Kitty's birthdays?

Well, Summer's birthday is marked as 9/11/01...and well, I just don't feel right celebrating that day, so we celebrate her adoption day 12/6 instead. I usually get her a new toy of some sort.

Chevy's 1st birthday is coming up next week. I want to do something special. It may sound crazy, but I want to take his one year old pics that day. I will give 2 pics to the rescue lady I got him from, one of the first day we got him, and his 1 year old pic. That way she can see how much he's grown.

Am I crazy?
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion View Post
Am I crazy?
you´re not crazy,...you´re a bit nuts.......

JUST KIDDING my friend!....


I think everyone try to make so happy at his own kitty, of course many of us give something special in that specific day at his kitty!...
The firts birthday of Milky we buy a little cake...BUT of course he just try a finger of the bread because are so sweet for him, ( just the cake for us!!!!) but we give to him a extra portion of his favourite wet food of can!

If you´re crazy (about to spoil at your kitty) MAYBE i´m the deep crazy grade then!......Milky has his own hammock!

Check it out!
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Aleigh's BD is the same day as my daughters BD We have cats and she gets gifts
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Your not nuts at all I buy them gifts for their b-day's
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I haven't done anything for Trouts first Birthdays I didn't realize its something people do until I joined here. his September, I will do something for sure!!
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Jamie gets a special meal (tuna for humans, crab meat, shrimp, hardboiled eggs, calamari, or the like), plus some new toys. He really enjoys his birthdays!
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My boys have their first birthday at the end of the month. I'm feeling a bit guilty because I'll be away on vacation then, but I'll do something special when I get back. I'm thinking of making a special cat treat "cake" for them, and we'll probably go sometime around then to the pet store to get their photos professionally taken.

I don't think it's crazy to celebrate their birthdays at all!
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birthday gifts and a very special meal
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