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How much should she weigh...?

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I have a tabby cat... 11 years old. She's a bit overweight I'd say... but not bad. She's about 11.5-12 lbs... how much should a tabby cat weigh for good health??

Here are a few pics of her from different angles...
These pics were taken a few years ago... while she was on Innova Evo kibble. She's now on Nature's Variety raw frozen.

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I agree she's not too overweight. She looks average size - maybe could lose a pound or 2 at the most - I'd go for 9/10 lbs. IMO.

BTW tabby is the color - its not a breed. She's an average size domestic SH Pretty cat too
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A vet is the best one to ask this ?? too
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She's a beautiful girl.
I agree with Sharky, your Vet would be the best person to ask about her weight.
I thought my Elliott was a little to chubby...he didn't look fat, but I felt like I needed a crane to pick him up because he's so heavy.
But, my Vet said based on his overall size...he's a BIG cat... his weight was just fine and he's around 14 pounds.
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How well can you feel her ribs? You want to be able to feel them easily but they should still have a little bit of padding over them. Honestly, she looks good to me--maybe she could lose a pound. But since she's a senior, pay very close attention to any weight loss unless she's on a diet designed for weight loss.
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I would ask your vet - while she looks OK in those pics, you said they were taken a few years ago, and we can't see what she looks like now.
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I'd say the vet would be the best judge as well... the cat's bone structure (not simply breed) plays heavily in determining the "ideal" weight for your kitty... Oliver is a DSH (domestic short hair - same as your kitty) and is 5 years old... he's weighing in perfectly at 15 pounds - he is a big structured kitty and you can tell when he's wet that he's not fat by any means (he's got a good fluffy coat though that is deciving)... you should be able to feel your kitty's ribs slightly, but obviously he shouldn't be a skeleton either... easy way to keep track of your kitty's weight too btw: use your standard bathroom scale - you holding cat step on and note the weight, then lose the kitty and step on yourself (don't faint! haha) and note the weight... subtract the 2 and you've got your kitty's weight... better than running to the vet any time you're curious, haha
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