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Good Morning TCS!

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Good Morning TCS!!!

Morning ya'll! Thought it'd be neat if I started posting 3 little topics on a morning thread. The first is.... *drumroll*

Word Of The Day:

taint - \\t-AY-nt\\ - verb

1 : to contaminate morally : corrupt
2 : to affect with putrefaction : spoil
3 : to touch or affect slightly with something bad

Quote Of The Day:

The right man is the one who seiezes the moment. --Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Today In History:


A hidden microphone eavesdropped on unsuspecting people for the first time this night, as Candid Microphone hit the airwaves. It was 1947 and Allen Funt was the host of the ABC radio show, the forerunner of the long-running TV version, Candid Camera.
Candid Microphone didn’t have as long a run on radio, however, lasting one year on ABC, taking a two year hiatus and returning to CBS radio for another year.

The radio format of Candid Microphone was slightly different than the TV version ... when one of the eavesdropees uttered words considered too colorful by the network, a soft woman’s voice would say, “Censored,” and the program would continue with Don Hollenbeck as the narrator. The program, directed by Joseph Graham, was sponsored by Philip Morris cigarettes.

The radio show’s announcer, Ken Roberts, joined Allen Funt on the early version of the smash TV hit. Funt, who became a big star with Candid Camera, also produced a movie called What Do You Say to a Naked Lady using the Candid idea.

Everybody have a glorious day!
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Goodmorning Friend!
Great treat!..
Have a nice Weekend my friend!
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I've always been fond of the word taint. Don't know why, but I like it!
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some great info there - maybe you could put this into the Daily Thread that neetanddave or Troutsmoms starts every day - at least it wont get missed then
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Mooficat: I just may try that, thanks for the idea! Thought this would be something neat to post each day...
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