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I just want to remind everyone that although some of us are new, we are here trying to find answers to our beloved pets problem. We want to be the best mommy or daddy we can be to our little ones.

Therefore, i would appreciate if some of the threads wouldn't belittle someone who isn't as smart about things as some of the others are. Such as the person who asked about her two males cats and got several messages about not having neuteured her cats. Instead of helping her with her problem, they told her what a bad person she was. Remember that not everyone knows about neutering and it's benefits.
I didn't even know about declawing until I came on this board. We are always learning. (In fact, my new kitty was loosing hair around his nose and has a vet appointment tomorrow and I found out on this forum that it could be from allergies) Nice to know.

But don't trash me please when I am looking for help. Be kind to humans as well as cats.

Thanks for listening.
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I'm sorry if anyone feels this way. I didn't know nothing about cats until a year and a half ago and I certainly don't intend to put anyone down for not knowing.

We all learn here. I've learned so much from people here, even those who are "cat newbies" - sometimes they are the ones to encounter a very rare condition and educate the rest of us about it.

Again, if anyone is offended please accept my sincere apologies.
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