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Weeing on my Bed!!!

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Hi Guy's,

Im hoping someone maybe able to give me some advice here as im really really confused.

Ok we have 3 cats in our household, 2 Siamese's and 1 moggie. For the last 6 months i would say i would find a wet patch on my bed, it may occur a couple of times a week or it may happen once within a fortnight.

I have identified that its one of the siamese which seems to be using my bed as a litter tray! But im not too sure which one. Either the little buggers seem to urinate either when i am asleep or when im not in the room. I share my house with another couple and to be honest the cats sleep on their bed but have never urinated on theirs. It always seems to be my bed.

Ok here is the frustrating thing. I have purchase 3 new deuvets now. My first 2 deuvets were made from Duck Down, my more recent one which i purchased only last week is made of a synthetic material. As part of process of illumination i thought it may have something to do with the material the deuvet was made of. Its not the case.

Whenever one of th cats urininates on my bed, i always wash the sheets, ive even purchased new bed sheets. To add to the confusion we have recently moved house and i have experienced this urinating problem before we moved and now since moving in its happened twice within a 2 week period.

Both the siamese use the litter tray (as there is evidence they are!!), these 2 are indoor cats and dont go outside. The moggie does his business outside. I have also noticed that they sometime urninate in their spare cat bed too.

The thing is i am concerned why the cat's are using my bed as a litter tray and why it only seems to be mine.
How can i isolate which cat is urinating?
What would you recommend me to do to prevent this from happening in the future?
What could the possible reason why this is happening?

Im hoping someone maybe able to advise me here!

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I would first try to figure out which cat is doing it by only allowing one cat in the room at a time. Then I would take that cat to the vet for a health check up. I would also put a litter box in that room. If the cats health turns out to be fine I would keep the bedroom door shut and only allow the non peeing cats in there.
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