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Everyone Please Read

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Hello everyone!!

I am writing this with just a friendly reminder. This site is known as a family site, and we have several members that are minors.

We are noticing some posts with language and content that aren't appropriate. All of us mods haven't been keeping on top of it like we should , especially with certain "words" that some may think are ok but yet could be offensive to others. ( Example: hell ).

I am asking if everyone can please try to keep your posts 'clean' with no curse words and obviously nothing with objectionable content.
If and when something is posted that may not be appropriate, a moderator will edit it out or ask you to edit it yourself. And of course we will let you know what we did and why via PM or email. Please help all of us moderators by trying to be careful with your posts.

Thank you all so much for keeping this such a wonderful site for all to enjoy!! You are all great and we appreciate all the wonderful posts, pictures, and stories!!
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I am glad to hear everyone keeps such high standards and have never noticed any problems myself. So I would like to say well done to the moderators!
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Thank you Ceehome.

I think as mods we try our best to keep anything offensive off of the boards, but its hard to read every post in every thread. I think if everyone makes a concerted effort it sure makes our job a lot easier!!

I don' think we have any big problems at all right now, but we like to keep it this way...nice and clean and family oriented!
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I'm going to keep bumping this for a few days till I'm sure the majority of people who frequent the lounge will have a chance to read this.
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I'm helping!
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Bump! :tounge2:
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Ok guys, it been at the top for long enough! Thanks for helping with bumping, but you can let it fall off the page now!!
Thanks again!!
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NEVER, bwahaha




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