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spayed/neutered cats

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do spayed/neutered cats live longer then un-spayed/un-neutered cats do?

I read about that some place that they do in fact live longer lives

sorry if this is in the wrong section
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Yes, because they dont wander to find mates, and therefore risk coming into contact with cars, they dont fight and get abscesses, FIV, FeLV etc, and dont have 'reproductive' related cancers such as mammary, ovarian, uterine, testicular and prostrate cancers to deal with, and in females, no chance of developing pyometra - there is a post in RB from someone who has just lost a 2 year old to that.
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what about un-spayed cats that are indoor cats only?
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Sadly, they are at more risk, for females, pyometra and mammary cancer are more common in unspayed females who haven't been allowed to have a litter, and the same with testicular and prostrate cancer for males. Also, you have the fact you have cats full of hormones, desperately wanting to find a mate, and not being able to. As I foster, I have had a few unspayed females, and it isn't pleasant watching them in heat. Here is an article I wrote about mammary cancer after losing a rescue to it

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Yes, tho purebred breeding cats (unspayed/neutered) will live longer then the outside ones simply cause they are more controlled in breeding, don't get in fights with other cats and get better health care too.

Spooky's parents/grandparents were 16-18 yrs old when they died. I'm not sure if or when they were spayed/neutered tho - never asked the breeder that question
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