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Is she gonna go sooner then we thought?

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my cat, Gracie, is pregnant and we don't know the time of breeding since she was a stray we took in. I was guessing around may 8th by doing research and stuff, which would put her at being due around July 10th.

She is much more restless though for being due july 10th. at night time now(11pm-3am, this started yesterday) she becomes extremely restless.

Last night she was pacing the house and wouldn't lay down for longer then a few minutes before she jumped up to groom herself or run off to pace. She did meow once, but just once. I also noticed her scratching the floor a few times, just out of the blue. Her bottom is very tender right now and she won't sit "normally", she's like, squatting. she has slowed down eating a lot, and sleeps most of the day now.

Today though, at around 8pm, she went into our guest room and got inside a box that is approx. 4 inches high and a 1' tall, that was semi closed and tipped sideways, and started turning circles over and over, scratching frantically at it and then she'd stop and be still for a bit. I couldn't see her so I was just listening to what was going on(she didn't know I was there), and I could here this sucking sound that would happen about 3 times every few minutes. She's licking her private area a lot this evening too.

The kittens are big and rowdy in there, constantly kicking.

Do you think she'll go within the next few days? I don't want to miss it since I have a horse show this weekend!! Any answers would be great!

OH yeah, it has been a lot hotter then usually around here(in the 90's), could that be affecting her?
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She might be very close ... since she has chosen that particular box, can you put some soft, absorbant nesting material in there for her?

As for going away for the weekend, do you have someone coming in to check on her while you are gone?

Oh and if you haven't already, might want to read this thread to get yourself ready for what is to come ...


... there are a lot of informative links there and you might find something to help you.
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I would put stuff in that box, but it is WAY too small... SHE barely fits in it, but I think it makes her feel comfortable cause it's so small, but it is small enough that I am actually scared the kittens would suffocate in it. it's on it's side, so theres about 4 inches of "floor" room on it, and she's not interested in it when it's set up the right way, cause it's TOO SMALL

no we do not.. We will be back around 5pm-6pm every night so hopefully she'll wait for us! if I do think she's going into labor/will have her kittens that day, I will not be showing this weekend

she's been sleeping for the past 2 hours!

Edit: nevermind she just woke up and came over for love

Edit #2: remember how I said she gets restless around 11pm every night? well, I was just feeling her belly(have been all day hehe) and all of a sudden the kittens started rolling and kicking, and immediately she started purring(she's been purring sometimes by herself too when she's pacing) and got a bit upset. So maybe they just start getting antsy inside her around 11pm now which causes her to get upset?
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