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Easiest Contest Ever! Click for Details!

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Just a heads up, we'll have two contests during July. In fact, one of them has already started and you are all playing!

Come August 1st, we're going to randomly select a post made during July and that lucky member is going to get a cool cat package as their prize! I am told that the package will have some nifty items, like Your Pad or Mine and Catnip Crazies! This could be the funnest August ever for some lucky felines here at TCS

Momofmany (Amy from is the contributor of our prize package so THANK YOU Amy!

What do you have to do? It's never been easier!

Just post! All we ask for is that your post contains some text. A single sentence will do, just please don't burden the boards with drivel/meaningless posts just for the sake of the contest...

The more you post - the better your chances of coming up in the draw! So, make sure that punching some keys here at TCS is a daily task from now till the end of July!
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Sweet!!! Easy as pie, can't wait to try and win some points!!
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That is the BEST contest I have ever seen on a forum!!! Kudos to TCS, AGAIN!
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What a neat site Amy!~!
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Yay! I don't have to think too hard and I'm already part of the contest!
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VERY KEWL...i have fun typing away on here anyway :-P
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woohoo, I'm game
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Cooooool! A game even I can play!
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Maybe after playing all these games... I could finally win something! It's never been simpler! Thanks Anne!
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Is it open for under 18's?
If it is, YAY!
I think I'm to quiet to win...
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The contest is open to all members
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I found my kitten at work. She smelled like Diesel so we named her Diesela. She is the cutest thing ever!
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Woot, I was participating in a contest and didn't even know it! I think it's a wonderful idea!
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Momofmany -- going out of business? checked out the site, everything looks really cute make it all yourself? I wish local pet stores would carry stuff like this...our guys may be in for a treat or two or seven
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Great contest! Good luck, everyone!
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Glad ya all like it!
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sounds almost tooo easy,lol
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this is the 'just post a lot' challenge right?
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Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
this is the 'just post a lot' challenge right?
Yup, I reckon so!
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Sounds cool! Easy enough!
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Will the winner of this contest be posted or is it more private? Will we get to see the winning post?
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Sorry about the delay! Have been AFK most of the time this week. I am not at home right now, but I'll see if I can run the draw from here. Otherwise, expect the results on Wednesday!
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