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Did you have a nickname growing up?

I did. I had a few but only one stuck... Red

The others were Strawberry Shortcake and Miss Piggy because of my button nose

What was yours?
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Red here as well, but I was also AJ a lot.
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I was Bea, and I still am, my close friends call me that.
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Mine was T-Jo. Man,it's been a long time since I've thought of that!
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Another Red here, although most of the time it was "Lil' Red".

I also frequently go by Kiddo to various family members (even though I'm not a "kiddo" anymore).

One of our close friends, Bobby, couldn't remember my name for the longest time after we met so he started calling me Kiwi (I guess he could remember the "Key" but not the "sha") and that stuck. I only tolerate it from a select few though!
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Red, Sister-Sue, Sissy, Suzy-Q, Baloneyitis (my brothers ), Boney, Suey (mean boys) .... that's all I can think of right now.

Edit: forgot BonBon, Bonky (goddaughter couldn't pronounce Bonnie) and Bunny (gym teacher couldn't say Bonnie).

You would think my name is pretty easy to say, guess not!
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Lydie (my first name is Lydia) -i hated that one

Sweetheart - that's always what my Pop (grandad) called me. I miss him sooo much!

Evil Little Deamon Sister - what my sister Kimmy called me for months after i broke her nose the second time

Nikki (Nichole is my middle name) - that's what all my friends called me growing up.
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Hmmm.. I never really had any except Moz, Trout, and Shawn's Little Sister. People got real creative there!
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My eldest niece's name is Janel, she's 26 now and I still call her The Brat, Kid and Janelie Bean
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I've been Silly or Silly Jilly for as long as I can remember! I also had a crappy one of Jell-o which I think is just wrong to call a fat girl after a jiggly food item!!
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George. Since a few minutes before I was born...even to this day, my dad has called me that. I don't know why, & he doesn't really either. He said it started at the hospital, before I was born, he had said something along the lines of, "Where's my George?!?".
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"Scumpus", used by my Mom. It came from my attempt to say the word scrumptious at the age of 2 or 3.
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Buzz, Buzzy, Buzz Droop, or Buzz Droopy.

My mom and one of my aunt's still call me those nicknames.

Ironically, they don't get along....
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Originally Posted by Moz View Post
Hmmm.. I never really had any except Moz, Trout, and Shawn's Little Sister. People got real creative there!
Why Trout?
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I was Ady as my sister couldn't pronounce my name Adrienne - still get and use Ady as you can see with my user name. My Opa called me Suzie. He had a special name for each of his grand kids (Crystal, Zeppi, Hanzi, Gretel and Fritzi)
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Another Red here, also Dinky (courtesy of my Dad because I was always small for my age), Beany and Leaner.
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