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Cat turned aggressive/defensive

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I'm in the moving process and I have two cats. The one cat has been the friendliest cat in the world, until I tried to get her in a cage. She turned very aggressive once I tried to cage her... hissing, biting, and attacking my other cat.

The person I'm staying with before my move doesn't want pets around, so I left the cats at my late aunt's vacant apartment for the past two days. They have plenty of food and water. I visited them today and the food and water has barely been touched. Worse, the one cat is now in a defensive mode. She walks with her tail down and as if she is a wild cat -- very low to the ground, as if she were going to be attacked. She was not receptive at all to me and acted as if I was going to attack her. On the other hand, once the other cat realized it was "me," she was purring and very happy.

Any ideas of what is happening with this other cat?
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Have you move with her before? She probably is just scared and needs support. Be sure to comfort her and tell her that everything is okay and that nothing is going to happen to her and give her lots of attention. I would also ask a vet about it. Maybe they would have a medication to calm her down or something. She might grow out of it once she adjusts to the stting ang her new home. I think she'll be okay. If you need anything just ask! I hope I helped! -Amie-
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