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Meet Georgie

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Just wanted to introduce my new little foster boy, Georgie. He's a sweetie! I'm in love already.

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I want him!!!!! - Don't think the girls would go for it though.
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AWww Look at his little pawsies!
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He is adorable!!
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Awwww, he's precious
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Oh he's so cute he reminds me of Dunkin when he was small
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Oh he is just tooo cute! Wonder if I could talk DH into making a little trip out your way.....he does have a think for orange animals!
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"I'm taking a break from fostering..." I believe those were your famous words Eileen!

He's cute!
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Oh, such a handsome little boy! He looks like a real sweetie! I think I'm in love.....
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awww i used to have a kitty that looked just like that!!!
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Awwwwww Georgie!, how cute are you sweeti pie
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He's adorable, and the name suits him. So much for taking a break from fostering, Eileen.
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He is just a cutie pie! I love his little face and eyes!
I think he is going to be a big boy!
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I couldn't foster such a little cutie pie. I would have to keep him. I just loooovvvee orange kitty boys!
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Who named him? He does kind of remind me of another George in your life.
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aww I love this little fella and his big bold stripes

give him some chin scitches from us
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Sexiest kitty of the year - like his namesake!
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Were was the cuteness warning????????????
What a cutie patootie
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Awww so cute. I love kittens.
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what a handome little fella! i'm sure he will do great with you to look after him!!
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