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Care Credit Question

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Lexi has to have bladder surgery. She has a 'suspicious' mass (it looks like an olive) in her bladder. (I also found out today that my oldest needs braces...when it rains, it pours!)

I have applied to and have been approved for care credit, as I have heard about ir on here, but am not sure how it works, really. Is it like a regualr credit card and you can use it anywhere, or is it just specific places? Is there a credit limit to it?

Does anyone have any experience with it?

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it is a credit card but think of it like a store card... only used at places that take it /....

I have used it at the ER vet as well as for my dental care ... very impressed BUT WARNING the intrest free periods and amounts are set at the individual places NOT by care credit
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Where you applied should of told you what you were approved for, the $ amount.I have one for the dentist but like the OP said beware of interest mine is sky high and I have not used it since finding this out.I can use mine were ever care credit is accepted, I can use it at the vet as well.You use it like you would a credit card but again the interest is so high so if you are late on your payment or cant pay off what you put on its not worth even using it.
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So basically, it won't be of much use to me...lol. I just called my vet, they've not heard of it.

So you have to pick your plan where ever they take it then?

Does it ever expire? I guess I'll keep it in case of Emergency Vet expenses when I can't get to my vet, hopefully there won't be any of those.
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Ok, I see where it says how much credit there is...if I would have read the page I printed out, I would have seen that. I guess we're covered for a sizable amount, hopefully I won't have to use it.

Guess I'll have to use my regular credit card for her surgery.
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I will say to anyone who wants to apply for this card. Read the fine print very carefully. That's all I will say because of legal issues. So don't ask me any questions- just be careful- be very careful.
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i looked into it, but my preferred vet doesn't take it. so i didn't even apply.
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The above site paid for my cat to have surgery. IN full with no repayment.

It is based on income but they have pretty lenient guidelines. Even if you think you don't qualify, you should apply. You just never know.

Part of their criteria is being turned down for a CARE CREDIT CARD... So if you apply and they turn you down write down the denial number they give you...

IMOM opens up a webpage featuring your animal.

With my experience, it took approx 1 month from my submitting my application to JJ getting his surgery. But as far as them raising the money, it took a week...... We had a running tally.

They are wonderful people.......

Good luck.....
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My sister used this when her ferret needed surgery. It's not really a card, it's more of a case by case basis thing and they only cover one thing at a time-or so that is how I understand it anyway.
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