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missy had to go to the vets today.

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if this is in the wrong place sorry.
she is 7 weeks old and her litter mates are fine.
well about 12pm this after noon, she started what seemed like coughing, 1/2 hour later it got worse so i thought she may have eaten something that got stuck.
i got her straight down the vets by 130pm they checked her over and thought she had something stuck aswell. there x ray machine was broken so i had to go to there other vet that was over another hour away. so got there and they rushed her in, took an xray which took ages as they didnt want to put her under because of her age. results came back that they couldnt see anything there. they heard her coughing and weezing, so they gave her an antibiotic shot incase of a chest infection , but they think its acute asthma. the coughing stoped and they said it seems more like a bad asthma attack which would explain the weezing which has now finally stoped. she has to go back tomorrow for some more tests. but i was so worried (still am) as they said if she had to have an op because of something being stuck she had a slim chance of pulling through because of her age.

but on a happier note the spaying/neutering age has changed in some places starting from 8 weeks if the vet thinks all is fine. but normally 12 weeks. this is great news so i can now point some UKers in the right direction.
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Awww poor baby and how scary for you, I'm glad they were able to give her something that helped her.
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Did it seem like she was choking?
I thought my dog had something caught in her throat because she was choking/drooling/shaking and I brought her to the vets and it turned out to be a seizer.
After a couple hours it subsided and she was fine.
Just thought I would let you know just incase.
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it was like every 5-10 mins , this coughing thing would start was like she had something stuck that wouldnt budge. and when the coughing stoped it was a constant weeze then the coughing would start again. while all this was going on she did eat some wet kitten food and tried to sleep and play. when the cough started after she would meow/cry.
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hhhmmm... sounds similar to what happened to my dog but my dog had one long seizure. It is common to have many little seizures also.
I looked a few things up. It sounds as though she MAY have a respitory infection or possibly cat flu.
I am sure your vet will figure it out and if he can't then you should probably switch vets as he can't be very good.
Good luck to you
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thanks for that, we have 3 cats who does have cat flu who are kept complety seprate. he has ruled this out as the coughing stoped and so did the weezeing, her temp was normal aswell. he did say it could be an infection which is why he gave the antibiotic today, but will look in to possible asthma.
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Oh I hope she's OK!
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Poor little baby! I hope it's over now and she'll be fine...
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Omg, I know that is scary! ))vibes that it is nothing serious!((
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well she has been given the all clear still a tiny bit weezy but im to keep an eye on her and bring her straight back in if any problems occur. thanks everyone
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It's good to hear the kitty is better.
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