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I am so angry right now!

I have told T&K many times tonight to stop playing and attacking each other by the windowsill! i have even pushed them off but it seemed to be their favourite spot for tonight... well guess what happened? a huge moth went there and all i hear is smash and everything crashing down, they ripped my curtains up and broke the curtain rod at the top!

On top of this, they have been scratching my wallpaper by the door!!!!!

THey know my budget is tight so why the hell do they have to ruin the apartment!!!!!!!!
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Oh Fwannnny you know you love those little buggers! I'm sure they're very sorry!
You sound like a mommy "I told them not to play in the windowsill!!"
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Originally Posted by menagerie mama View Post
Oh Fwannnny you know you love those little buggers! I'm sure they're very sorry!
You sound like a mommy "I told them not to play in the windowsill!!"
Well Kaylee should stop acting Human, if she wants to behave like a cat!
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They're cats! They don't have to deal with security deposits, repairs, taxes, etc.. I feel for you, but I doubt that you'll be able to talk T&K into being responsible - it's hard enough with humans!
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They seem to understand everything else!!

As soon as the thing broke, I got up and they rannn like crazy I started growling like a bear at them, and Kaylee was chirping.

Kaylee is right now sitting by my foot giving me the "I'm sorry" look. nuh uh, no cuddles for another 10 - 20 mins MAX!

I just wish sometimes they could bring in some income too... *sigh*
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Perhaps they were trying to save you from the big bad moth
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Oh my are they being bad

Penelope has ripped curtains in her day LOL. When we first moved to the new home a few months ago, they were both climbing the screens (well more Maverick) and he eventually ripped one. Not sure what gets into them sometimes.

I wonder if there is a way to get them to at least leave walpaper alone, like something to spray. Bad little kitties!!
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Sophie knocked a bone china trinket holder of my bedroom windowsill on monday evening because she was trying to catch a fly that was on the other side of the window.

I've had it for about 15 years but hey, so what, accidents happen and things like this are to be expected when theres animals around because they don't know whats right from wrong.

And cats don't know about budgets Fran
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Sure they can help! When money was tight I would sell Luna's image on Return Address labels on eBay I also had a guinea pig at the time that I sold her image as well.
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Get some boundary spray and spray it on the wallpaper. It will make your house stink, but it works with my cats to keep them from clawing the door frames (usually ). When we first moved in our house, we had a curtains on the sliding glass door in the dining room...until Missy decided she wanted to try out for the circus and used the curtain rod and a high wire. Needless to say, it came down rod, curtain and kitty. I was furious, but I had to laugh when she started to walk away, turned back around to sniff it, and was satisfied that "yep, it's dead". Little stinkers.
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Kaylee has been a suckup this morning

I have long forgive them but boy was I angry last night!

Selling their Images on ebay??? How?
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Don't you just love em. Blossom's been the naughtiest kitten I've ever had. She's into absolutely everything. Has a go at climbing onto everthing in the house including the top of wardrobes, kitchen cupboards, ever the pelmet on the sliding doors. She tried to get onto a painting & thought better of it when it swayed. Lately she's been using our diningroom chairs for scratching posts. That I don't like, she has a perfectly good scratching tree that she uses as well.
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Poor you and poor little kitties. Bet the crash scared them. Plus I am sure that you always have budget to take care of them (instead of sometimes taking care of yourself). So since they get everything they need, they think you are rolling in the dough!
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