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Smudge playing with her spring

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This little kitten had me in tears this morning watching her play with her 2 favourite things - a cardboard box and a spring. She gets so into it, doing forward rolls over it, falling over the box and generally having a great old time.

So I had to take a couple of videos - enjoy

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3
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She's gotten so big! I love watching them when they play hide and seek with their toys.
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Awwwww, she's such a big kitten!

The spring is one of Ferris' all time favorites, too. Whenever I hear a big ruckus from the kitchen, it's usually him flipping over his spring and tossing it all around and chasing it.
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Smudge is having such a ball! It looks like she also likes to chew on the box, as well! What great videos you took!
Cosmo loves his springs, too! He likes the yellow ones the best - and they are always getting tangled in the fringe on my oriental carpets...actually, I have to cut them out of the fringe, which is not a good thing!
Maybe the kids could all meet up and play with springs together!
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We have about 4 springs out at the moment, and I can only find the blue one... I'll have to go for a search for the rest of them.

It's funny that so many kitties love them - I saw them and was very sceptical of them, but figured they were so cheap I'd give it a go - glad I did!

Oh and yes - she LOVES chewing on the box... one side is completely chewed. I can't bear to throw the box out
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Awwwwww we spend a fortune on toys yet the cheapest ones are the best Jack is on my lap at the moment and he's fascinated with the t.v. so he couldn't take his eyes of Smudge
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Awwww look at Smudge .... I cant believe how much she's grown. Whenever I think of her, its always as a little tiny kitten. Shes so beautiful and you have done so well in taking care of the little diva. Her coat looks wonderful, too!

I love how she plays so gently.
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Just watched these with my DH, Awwww he LOVES Smudge You have done wonders with her she looks amazing and she's HUGE
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My little baby weighs 9lb now, and she probably won't grow any more. She still looks like a kitten though - he has little legs, a little head, and her little squinty eyes that make her look like a baby still Here's a pic of her from a couple of days ago- look how shiny her coat is!!

She's such a happy, playful girl. She loves people, and loves to play. She really is a joy to be owned by
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