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Peeing on roommates' beds...help!

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My Fuzzy is a little over two years old. He was born feral in our garage and when his mother was killed by a dog I took him under my wing. I gave away his brothers and sisters to other cat lovers but kept him for myself. He has become a great friend.

We have two other cats in the house, both unneutered males. Neither of them spray in the house. Housebreaking Fuzzy was a bit difficult but it eventually took. He generally stays in my room all the time and avoids the rest of the house, as he can be a bit wild around other people. I've always attributed it to him being born feral. He leaves my room at night and typically spends a few hours in the backyard, doing his business then.

I neutered him at the appropriate age. Before I did, he sprayed a few times on one of my roommates' beds, but that stopped after he was fixed. Recently he has begun doing it again. There are no litterboxes in the house, as all of the cats are trained to go outside. Fuzzy was never box trained. He never defecates in the house, he always goes outside for that. Very rarely he will urinate on a bed. He has often peed on my bed whenever there are strange people or dogs around.

He has recently peed twice in another of my roommate's rooms, once on his bed and once on laundry on his floor. My roommate's have taken to closing their doors whenever they aren't in their rooms, but are obviously angry with me because he's my pet.

I have recently received an ultimatum that if he does it again, I'll have to get rid of him. Having to do this would break my heart.

To sum up: he's fixed, he's housebroken, he just deliberately pees on a bed, and I don't know why. The majority of the time he goes outside during the night to relieve himself.

Any suggestions?
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Hello and welcome. I wish the circumstances that brought you here were better.

The #1 reason that a neutered cat will pee in odd places is a medical problem (urinary tract infection, bladder issues, etc). I would recommend you take him to the vet and request a urinalysis.

Please don't be offended, but I think with 2 un-neutered males and 1 neutered one in a house with no litterboxes...some issues will be expected. However, what you've described sounds like a health problem, not a behavioral one.
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Is there any specific reason why you haven't tried offering him an indoor litterbox?

As far as the bed thing goes, if you did not clean the mattress thoroughly with an enzymatic cleaner to literally break down and remove the urine molecules, it will stay smelling like a place to pee to him, and he will continue to do so, because cats are creatures of habit for sure.

Also, have you taken him to a vet and ruled out a possible UTI?
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I have not yet taken him to the vet regarding this, but after reading the help threads and responses here I am planning on it.

I offered him a litterbox during his housebreaking period but he only used it if I shut him in the bathroom with it for hours at a time. He learned to go outside instead.

I have recently cleaned my mattress with an enzymatic cleaner, as has one of my other roommates, but he has recently peed twice in a different roommates' bedroom.

I have also put a litterbox in my room but I'm pretty sure he doesn't remember what it's used for...
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Any other help?
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A vet visit is warranted to rule out any health issue. We had one of our cats pee on our bed when we took him to the vet is was very sick.
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if the vet says there's not a health issue, try the Cat Attract litter in his box.
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So a UTI has been ruled out and I've put a box for him in my room (which he hasn't used yet). He's shut in all day but I still let him go through the house into the backyard at night, when all of my roommates' bedroom doors are closed.

My roommates have torn up the carpet in the hallway, which was completely soiled, and want to replace it, but not until I get a thing called a Let Meow't, which is a cat door thing you put in your window. Then, they say, he can simply go outside using that instead of going through the house and they can all live in peace.

Problems with this: I already have an A/C unit in my window which my cat is terrified of. He won't go near it if it's on. The Let Meow't thingy would have to go on top of it, which I suppose isn't too much of a hassle.

It'd be sort of an odd climb up from my dresser onto the inside landing, and it'd be a solid 6 feet up from the ground on the outside landing. I'm already thinking of building something on the outside of the house he can jump onto first, and then onto the (really small for some reason) outside landing. I'd have to train him to know to jump up there.

Another problem: he doesn't go into the front yard, and he has rarely even been on the brick wall in the backyard. He simply doesn't know to leave the backyard, and he get VERY anxious and fearful when he's introduced to a new area. I'm worried about him running off in fear, forgetting he can jump up and go through the window to go back into my room.
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