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Photo Shoot

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My sort-of Introductory thread.. with other pictures:

I hope you guys don't mind being flooded with pictures. I took the best out of 60 from my photoshoot this morning.


Tom and Chili don't like eachother.. or so they told me.


Don't you just want to bundle her up in one hand and cuddle her? I ended up putting down the camera and snuggling for a few minutes after she looked like this...

and this..

And Tom saw me cuddling Chil...

So we played peek-a-boo!

Isn't he a cutie?
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I love how he takes over my bed, and then gives me this look when I ask him if he could give a few inches of it. After all, it's supposed to me mine, right? (Right? Right!?!?)

You just can't win your bed back with him... I laid on the floor instead.
[Insert picture of a very uncomfortable me on the floor, glaring at the cat taking over the bed. ]

He was content with that, though. (Translate: Pleased to have conned me out of my bed.)

So I poked him... and we had some more camera fun!

Sorry ladies, he's MINE!

And what do you know, Emma stopped by! (Emma is the large furry growth protruding from the carpet.)
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She posed for this, just for you guys at TCS.

And Chili picked a fight with her for being such a photowhore...

(Actually, what happened was, whenever they groom eachother they tend to start play-fighting as well.. I got this when they stopped.)

But everything was smoothed over with a few TREATS! *Chilitongue*

And there you go, enjoy!!!
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There can never be too many pics They are adorable Great pics
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Never? Are you sure? Thank you for all the compliments, Bella.
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Your cats a beautiful! Chilli looks like my old cat.
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What great photos you have taken - of some very beautiful (and, I think, spoiled) cats!
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Thank you guys for the compliments!

I took some more.

Look at the COLOR in her eyes!

Yes, she looks a bit demented here, but seriously.. just stare at those eyes! I love Emma's eyes!

My beautiful Chil..

The best picture of Chili yet.
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Beautiful kitties!
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All 3 of those fluffies are just precious!!! I love that pic of Chili looking at you and the one of the 2 girls looking up awwwwwwwwwwwww
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Thank you guys so much for the compliments!
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well you know how we love photos here - so keep em coming

you have a beautifuly fur-family give them all some tummy tickles from us
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Can we have more pictures of Tom- he has such lovely eyes
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Great photos. Your kitties are gorgeous.
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Thank you.

I took some sleeping kitty pictures today (they all konked out around 3pm) and got some that may or may not be good of Tom. I will most certainly post them tomorrow or Tuesday, I just haven't gotten them off the camera yet.
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I absolutely LOVE Chili's colors!! Nice pictures!
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