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I'm really late on this post...

but yes, I do like dogs...to a certain extent.

I don't want dogs, I just really prefer cats. We had a dog when I was little and I loved him to death, but I really prefer the personalities of cats to that of dogs.

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I was a confirmed cat lover until I got my Ruby, and then Chester a few months later. I had had dogs before but I fell so totally in love with her that I have dedicated the last two years of my life to the care and behaviour of dogs, and now am a behaviourist myself. They are the love of my life. I still love and adore cats, and I do advise people on cat behaviour too, it is a part of my business, but I have to say that I love them both to death!
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I like both, though I prefer larger breed dogs over small breeds and cats are my #1 choice.
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All my life I considered myself a Dog lover, my Father used too train German Shephards for guard work, I grew up with man eating dogs, yet with me, and our family they were so so gentle, ( as it should be ) I have too say I love both equally. Cats for how they are and dogs for how they are ! I own 2 German Shephards, had 1 for 5 years and the other for 3 years, they would have too be my favorite breed I own 6 cats though !!
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