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Hi all
Both the new cats have settled well in the house (three weeks with us, both have had two vets visits and small ops - to have teeth out / absess removed and microchipped (all preplanned before they came home and we would bring them back for the procedures)) I am pleased to advise, however, there seems to be an issue that I have never had to over come with them or with any cat in the past. There is some inherrent miss - trust of men. Every time I go near the female, she backs off and will hiss and spit at me. However, she will follow my partner round - jump on her knee, stroke, wander in and around her feet and also play. Even sleeps on the bed when I am not around. She does jump if someone makes a sudden move and if I put out a hand or go anywhere near her, shes gone like a shot.
The male is pretty much the same, he though is more laid back and loves being groomed, however, he wont come near either of us by choice. If you goto him and use his grooming brush, hes over the moon and rolls, head butts, generally demands this. But, there has to be a barrier between us, ie chair and I have to lean over and do this.
I have not done anything to create this miss-trust but, everything I know and have learnt over the 37 years is failing. There is an issue of their previous owner's death under suspicious circumstances and they were both found under floorboards after two weeks. Could there be a mental block with them because of this? Do cats have the process of memory to that extent?
Any ideas?
Any help would be appreciated as never had a cat like it before.
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Sounds like they are a bit traumatized and skittish. Give them time to learn to trust you and speak quietly and gently to them. Let them learn to trust you. It won't happen overnight but your patience will be rewarded, I'm sure.
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Perhaps they were abused by a man earlier in their life? That's possible... Perhaps they link their traumautization under the floorboards with a man somehow? Just give them time. Meanwhile, help them to associate you with good things, like food! Whenever they are around, act very relaxed and comfortable and do not make any sudden moves or noises. If the TV is on, turn it off. Keep a jar of treats in various places, so that you can begin to offer the treats. (Yummy dry cat food works good, a different brand than their regular.) If they let you, stroke and pet them gently and speak in a kind, soft voice. Soon they will begin to associate YOU with food, pleasant attention, and a comfortable environment.
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